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National Competition Moving To This Old House Makers Channel

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

2023 is going to be a year of positive changes at Make48’s headquarters. Our first announcement of the year comes after an exceptional run on Roku. Make48 will premiere Season 6 on the new This Old House Makers Channel on Roku’s Channel 458. The partnership has created a friendly environment of branding with our partners, and gives us the ability to tell the story at each event in a more impactful way.

The new move to Roku allows Make48 to align their brand with the trusted name of This Old House and showcase events to a DIY-related community. With accessibility to 53 million homes, the TOH channel also features popular makers, including Jimmy DiResta, Laura Kampf, Paul Jackman, Anne Briggs and more. Tom Gray is happy to announce that Make48 will keep the relationship with PBS going with specialized projects. “As we continue to have a strong relationship with American Public Television (APT) and PBS, our team will be able to film "specials'' for APT/PBS that align with our missions. We've been working with sponsors on future projects who would like to execute very unique and meaningful challenges. These events would be ideal to film for the Public Television audience.”

With the move, viewers will be able to watch all seven 2022 city regional competitions on channel 458 starting in late February 2023 (Dates TBA). Make48's fast-paced and highly engaging series will incorporate all the host cities into a full season beginning with the first 2022 City Regional event of the year in Wichita (KS) followed by competitions in Milwaukee (WI), Madison (WI), Indianapolis (IN), North Little Rock (AR), Beloit (WI) and Kansas City (KS). The winning teams will meet in Kansas City (MO) for the National competition, where the action will be captured within 4 episodes in late March. The National episodes will be released on Roku as part of Season 6 in the fall 2023.

Stay tuned for more announcements coming in the upcoming weeks including our host location for Nationals Season 6 at The University of Missouri-Kansas City.

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