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Season 7 Nationals Arrives To Roku - What you need to know before watching!

Season 7 Nationals is premiering in 6 days! Catch it all on June 5th, 2024, at 9 PM EST (8 pm/CST) on the This Old House Makers Channel (Roku Channel #458)! 

Here’s all you need to know. 

The first question we often get asked is, how do you watch Make48? 

To watch Make48 on Roku, it’s pretty easy. 

Just follow these steps.

After the launch on Roku, the 4 episodes will be delivered to Make48’s YouTube channel. Sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our website & social channels for updates about this competition and future events. 

a big group selfie of up to 40 people smiling and waving at camera
Nationals Kicked Off Nationals At The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub

Who is competing this season? 

In 2023, our team headed out to 4 cities around the Midwest. These locations included; Beloit, Wisconsin (Lincoln Academy), Bentonville, Arkansas (NWACC), Kansas City, Kansas (KSSB) and Anderson, Indiana (Purdue-Anderson).

What was the challenge at Nationals? 

The challenge at Nationals was to create innovative solutions for Providence Park, a new tiny home community in Pulaski County. Within a 48-hour timeframe, teams had to design and build prototypes that addressed specific issues such as storage, cleanliness, loneliness, and pet care. The teams worked with architects and mentors and visited the construction site to gain insights and overcome the unique challenges of the project, aiming to maximize space and foster a sense of community for future residents.

How do the teams build their ideas? 

Every participating team gets to work with an amazing crew of fabrication experts! Make48’s Tool Techs are Makers, entrepreneurs, teachers, etc., with valuable skills to help the teams on their 48-hour journey. 

At Nationals teams had a lot of help! From all the Innovation Hub makerspace crew including Adam Kittrell, who has been a tool tech at several competitions to Tyler Isaacs (Wooden Whiskers Trading Co), Brandy Aubé (Studio Aubé), Alex Hardison (ShopBot Tools), Bill Rech, Bucky and Melissa Miller (Miller's Rustic Sawmill), Grant Harris (Fastenal), Jason Huselton (UCA Makerspace), Justin Morris (Airgas), Lindsay Early (Onshape), Luis Rodriguez (Ultimaker), Lydia Knopp (KSSB), Matt Rohr (Onshape), Miles Davis (MSD Woodworks), Robert Gray (Matters In Motion, Inc.) and Travis Putman (​Travis Putman Engineering), they all put in the hard work to make sure teams made it to the finish line. 

Some Makers are our regulars and come far to be a part of the competition. We also work with local makers at the makerspace, businesses, STEM innovators, and non-profit organizations who bring their skills and experience to the competition. 

Many individuals of all backgrounds standing together smiling at the camera
Make48 Tool Techs - Season 7 Nationals

How did the teams get to Nationals and what did they have to build?

The level of innovation, creativity, and teamwork displayed by these teams is simply incredible!  You can now watch all regional episodes (4) on Make48’s YouTube channel. Here's a look into each regional event challenge and the teams competing at Nationals.  

Kansas City, KS: The season kicked off at The Kansas State School For The Blind where six teams and their captains took on the Skill & Action Toy challenge. Designed by Design Edge, the challenge required teams to create a new concept toy that was accessible, easy to use, and enjoyable for individuals or groups. Teams DNAwesome and Nuts & Bolts came out on top.

Anderson, IN: Purdue Polytechnic-Anderson hosted the next leg of the competition where local students tackled the Outdoor Furniture challenge. Teams had to design a portable and foldable furniture prototype tailored for specific outdoor activities like tailgating, camping, or watching sports games. The talented high school students representing Anderson were: Not Fast, Just Furious (Anderson Community School District) and Randy’s Rascals (Frankton-Lapel School District).

Beloit, WI: Alliant Energy presented the challenge "Panels to Planet/Repower with Purpose" at The Lincoln Academy. Teams were tasked with finding alternative solutions for end-of-life solar panels while considering their local community's needs. The teams who represented Beloit were the Purple Knights (School District of Beloit) and It’s Classified (Turtle Tek).

Bentonville, AR: T-Mobile set the final challenge theme, "The Great Outdoors," at NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC). Teams had to create a prototype that encouraged outdoor activity and incorporated T-Mobile 5G connectivity. The dynamic teams from Bentonville were: The Golden Eagles (John Brown University) and The Delta School (The Delta School). 

We can’t wait for viewers to watch these talented groups compete for the top spot in a showcase of creativity, innovation, and competition like never before. Visit and sign up for the newsletter to reeeive the latest Make48 updates. 

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