A collaborative inventor and maker challenge.


We're all about hosting incredible events for creative minds of all ages to compete.

At Make48, we strive to bring superior creator experiences to makers of all ages and backgrounds. We've had college vs college competitions, city-wide competitions and even maker challenges. All of our events are sponsored by leaders in the innovation community and who support all of us who share a love of creativity and collaboration. 

It's for everyone. We're coming to your city


We start with incredible sponsors

Our events are only as good as the sponsors supporting the contestants. That's why we bring the best to play.

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Our team and process is second to none

Our team of experts and planners have decades of experience creating collaborative events most people only dream about.

How competition works


Our venues are as unique as the challenge itself

Every city, every venue, has a distinct strength, that's why we choose them as the place our Makers strive and thrive.

Some Past Competitions

Our competitors come from all walks of life

Because we have a team of makers on standby, any age, any skill level has a chance to win...everyone is equal.


Ready, Go!

You've never had so much fun creating anything since you were a kid. Our competitions are fun, lively, (tiring) but oh soooo rewarding!

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Did we mention we're on TV, like THE TV?

Tune in here to watch our PBS seasons on YouTube!


Great sponsors make for great events!


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