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The House Of Timber with Lizzy Cook

Lizzy Cook went to her first Make48 event in Wichita at GoCreate makerspace and is returning to help teams in North Little Rock. Lizzy is a scroll saw expert from Kansas City and founded The House of Timber. She launched her business in 2019, and is known for her signature skull & acorn Maker signs. Lizzy has a great eye for detail and enjoys teaching other makers how to create using a scroll saw. A self-taught woodworker, Lizzy fitted in seamlessly with the tool tech team. We asked her a few questions about being a maker and how she felt about her first 48-hour event.

How have you felt about your first Make48 event?

I'm understanding exactly what Make48 is and what they do a little better now than before. I think it's amazing and I love watching all the teams work together and see how their minds work. Plus, being in the shop and being around other makers is super fun.

What was your favorite part of the Wichita-Make48 event?

My favorite part of the Wichita event was truly meeting other makers. It’s amazing to work as a team with people who you have just met and watch all of the creativity flow.

What advice would you give to somebody who wants to get into Making? How would you tell them how to start?

If it's something that they're interested in, look on YouTube or Instagram and find the community of people doing it. Most makers are more about community than competition. You will find a lot of helpful people in this community.

Being a maker myself, it’s been the best thing. All of my best maker friends I met through the woodworking community and they live all around the country. Now, I have these girlfriends where we vacation together, and it was through meeting these woodworkers at different events.

Where did you get your ideas for your signs? (Acorns and Skull Maker)

Most of my signs are already designed like a logo. But I get ideas to incorporate into it by thinking about what the business makes, what items are specific to them and how I can make their sign special!

Which maker inspires you?

I don't even know where to start! I would say a maker that inspires me is my friend Randy. He owns Southern Maple Co, and for a young guy, his entire business is booming. He's hired so many people and provided for so many families. He just basically started out and is moving straight ahead.

You have a young daughter. How has having her alongside your journey changed?

When it comes to Crew, having her with me so much in the shop is my favorite thing. She’s been around me working since she was born and it's really natural for her to come play with scraps, or color, or “help” me with my tasks. It's made me slow down quite a bit, but I find lots of ways for her to be included. She started by being in a carrier while I did glue ups, to sitting beside me watching me do glue ups, to now having her squeeze out the glue herself. It's amazing to see.

What project or page has meant the most to you?

One of my first jobs was for Clark + Aldine. That was one of the first jobs that I charged for my time appropriately.

It was nice to see that I could create something sustainable and profitable. It gave me a lot of space so that I could go somewhere.

If you were on a team at a Make48 event, who would you have on your team?

First, I would ask my friend Claire from Polish and Power Tools. She can build anything and everything.

Secondly, I would ask my old neighbor Trapper Hopkins, who's such a good woodworker and builds canoes. He’s a very inspiring maker.

And my friend Mandy has experience in sales and can help design creative stuff.

Are there any projects or events you have coming up that you’d like to share?

Hopefully soon I'll be starting classes. I'm excited to start teaching in-person classes in Kansas City for private scroll saw lessons.

To order merchandise from Lizzy or learn more about her visit her website at and/or follow her on Instagram.

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