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Wagner | Paint Sprayers for the DIYer & Professionals

One of Make48’s supporters is also one of the most innovative tooling companies in the world. With a passion for quality and innovation, WAGNER has been a leading international manufacturer of paint sprayers, heat guns, rollers and more.

The German-founded company was recently listed as one of the top 100 innovative companies of 2021 (see link). Wagner’s product line extends from DIY paint spraying systems, to professional devices for paint and plaster spraying, to complex industrial systems. With full research and development, engineering, manufacturing and distribution capabilities, Wagner has provided a wide range of user-friendly technologies for indoor and outdoor use, making the possibilities endless for over 50 years.

Wagner has been a strong supporter of Make48’s City Series. With only 48 hours in the competition, Wagner’s painting and spraying capabilities helped the makers complete painting projects faster and more efficiently. Teams and influencers took advantage of the Wagner product line during the competitions to utilize their products and create final touches to their prototypes and projects.

I spoke to Makayla Worwa, Wagner’s Brand Marketing Specialist, about their support of Make48 and being a market leader in advanced paint applicators.

What are some of Wagner’s most popular products overall? For makers and DIY’ers?

Wagner develops a wide range of products to make DIYers and homeowners projects easier, including paint sprayers, stain sprayers, heat guns, rollers, steamers and more.

Wagner paint and stain sprayers make it easy to apply a nice, smooth finish on woodworking and DIY projects without having to worry about brush marks. Our heat guns are often used for resin artwork, wood burning, bending pipes, removing stickers, thawing/melting objects and so much more. Whatever project you have planned, our tools are great to have in your workshop!

As a leading manufacturer in paint applications, what makes Wagner an innovative company and leader in their sector?

Wagner has been in business for over 50+ years and we’re constantly creating new and exciting ways to help DIYers and homeowners tackle their projects with ease. We stand out for our unique and innovative product designs, excellent U.S based customer service, and quality manufacturing.

Wagner has been a proud supporter of the Make48 City Series this year. What is it about our program that makes an impact with your company?

Cooperation, progressiveness and innovation are at the core of Wagner’s values. We’re proud to partner with Make48 this year to show that a simple idea can turn into something extraordinary, especially when working with a team!

Is there anything you’d like to share with us?

Wagner has so many amazing tools to offer and we’re always coming out with new and exciting products. Head to our website and subscribe to our email newsletter to hear about new products, deals, project ideas and more:

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