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Winning Teams Announced | Bodgery-Make48 competition with Midwest Prototyping

Last night we celebrated the release of the Make48 Madison City Series episode with a Virtual Watch Party! Teams, tool techs, and guests gathered around their streaming devices to watch the 30 minute episode, brought to us by Stellar Image Studios. If you missed it, watch the competition here and see who won at Madison's first 48-hour challenge!

With the support of Midwest Prototyping and The Bodgery, our 48-hour maker challenge took place in the Wisconsin State Capitol this past August . Midwest Prototyping created a design challenge that allowed the teams to stretch their imaginations and creativity. “Outdoor Play” was the challenge theme for eight local Madison teams, who participated in the unique competition that helps competitors discover what is possible in just 48 hours.

We are happy to announce the winning team from the event was……. The Free Wheelers! Their winning idea, the BocceRoll, is a reinvented classic yard game with more obstacles and more fun! Ben, Zach, Nicole and Claude will advance to compete at the national competition, slated for March 2022, where one team can win $10k.

The lawn game came in under the judges price point and the team gained points with easy transportation and quality materials. BocceRoll was created for children and adults to play together in the backyard, picnics, playground or tailgating.

Last Lock was the second place team, and their team is also heading to Nationals this spring! Christian and their “Get Lit” presentation made a lasting impression.

Jack, Jaideep, Alex and Christian created LuXBall, an interactive, outdoor gaming platform (reminds me of quidditch from Harry Potter). With a telescoping stand and mounting points for hanging called LuXRing and included a LuX App. LuXBall also changed colors and lit up so the game could be played during the day or night.

It was a VERY hard decision for the judges from Midwest Prototyping, but they weren’t the only judges of the night.

Flynn, Abbey, Charlotte and Brooks were our special guest judges and handed out the first “Kids Trophy Award”, with the game they felt came up with the best idea.

Stainless Steel Badgers won it with “Peel It In”, the world’s first banana-based grappling game! Johnny, Mitchell, Keegan, and Eric did a fantastic job with the concept and those bananas were so cute! Chelsea, one of our Tool Techs, helped with the sewing of their prototypes and they were a hit with everyone.

We can’t wait to see The Free Wheelers and Last Lock at Nationals in March. They’ll be given a completely different challenge and with just 48 hours, teams must create a prototype, 1-minute video and present their idea to a panel of judges. The teams will have access to the GoCreate makerspace and numerous Tool Techs that can make almost anything.

In the meantime, enjoy the full-episode video here and we’ll see you in Wichita for Nationals.

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