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Tune in now to watch the regional competitions leading to Season 7 Nationals debuting on Roku June 5th!

About Make48

We're all about hosting incredible events for creative minds of all ages to compete.

Make48 is a nationwide invention-competition docuseries that gives everyday people a challenge to develop a new product at the start of a three-day event. With just 48 hours, teams have to plan, prototype, and pitch a new idea, within the specifications of a challenge. Teams utilize a variety of tools, materials, makerspaces and access to qualified expert “Tool Techs.” They assist teams with the provided fabrication tools to prototype ideas of ranging complexity. No prior invention experience is necessary. The winner is announced at the end of the 48-hour window. Make48 has launched 25+ innovation-based competitions since 2015. For the last 8 years, the series has been a nationally syndicated television program through PBS and has now partnered with ‘This Old House Makers’ channel on Roku for seasons 6-8.

It's for everyone. We're coming to your city

Team Believe - a group of 3 sisters and their brother poses for a photo
A banner of photos of teams, tool techs, and a Make48 Balloon arch
The Process

We start with incredible sponsors

Our events are only as good as the sponsors supporting the contestants. That's why we bring the best to play.

Our Proud List

Our team and process is second to none

Our team of experts and planners have decades of experience creating collaborative events most people only dream about.

Our venues are as unique as the challenge itself

Every city, every venue, has a distinct strength, that's why we choose them as the place our Makers strive and thrive.

Our competitors come from all walks of life

Because we have a team of makers on standby, any age, any skill level has a chance to win...everyone is equal.

Watch the Video

Ready, Go!

You've never had so much fun creating anything since you were a kid. Our competitions are fun, lively, (tiring) but oh soooo rewarding!

Watch the video!

We're On TV!
An illustration of a television with 48 on the screen

How do you watch Make48 on TV?

Stream on Roku Channel

Watch Seasons 1 - 6 on the This Old House Makers Channel on the Roku Channel FREE App for your smart TV.  Channel 458 offers many episodes including new seasons of the fast-paced innovation competitions throughout the US.

Watch on YouTube

Watch behind the scenes action of our competitions including trailers and shorter sizzles to get a feel for what you can experience at one of our unique competitions.

Stream on PBS / CREATE

Experience Seasons 1 - 5 on or the PBS app or check out your local listings and enjoy access to episodes on the CREATE network or your local PBS station.

Our Sponsors

Great sponsors make for great events!

Our Instagram is InstaGreat.

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