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Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub at Winrock International Will Host Make48-Season 7 Nationals

The Make48 National competition will be hosted at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub at Winrock International in North Little Rock, with eight teams competing on November 10th. Under the strong leadership of Errin Stanger, The Innovation Hub is a makerspace that provides tools and training to entrepreneurs, students, and creators in N. Little Rock, contributing to Arkansas' economic ecosystem.

The teams participating in the national competition will represent their hometowns and the host makerspaces they competed for during the regional events. The cities and makerspaces include Kansas City (KS-The Kansas School for the Blind), Anderson (IN-Purdue Polytechnic Anderson), Beloit (WI-The Lincoln Academy), and Bentonville (AR-NorthWest Arkansas Community College). The competition will be televised as an 8-episode series in partnership with This Old House Makers Channel on the Roku network.

Errin Stanger, the Director of Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, played a significant role in bringing Make48 to North Little Rock. She has worked closely with Make48's CEO, local educational institutions, businesses, and community leaders to make the event possible. “North Little Rock is thrilled to host this meaningful challenge and we want to give a big thank you to Make48 and all of the individuals and sponsors who make this possible. We are humbled and grateful,” Errin expressed.

Tiny Homes Challenge at Season 7

The teams will compete for $10,000 and bragging rights at the 7th National Make48 competition. It will be an intense 2-day challenge for a very good cause. Teams will focus on Tiny Homes. The challenge aims to encourage innovation and creativity while addressing the issue of homelessness and improving the quality of life for those in need. Errin spoke about the challenge and what it means to her and the community.

“This challenge is very special to me. I'm inspired by the activity happening within Central Arkansas surrounding tiny home villages for the homeless. We are focused on ensuring our homeless have a better quality of life and why would we not want to include incredible design features? Wouldn't you want that in your home?” Errin noted, “Make48 is the perfect platform to explore innovation and challenge individuals to think creatively and critically around this incredible theme. This is one very special way that we can hopefully make a difference for someone who may need it most.”

To assist the teams, a lineup of experts, including makers, CAD experts, metalworkers, and master craftspeople from YouTube, local makerspaces, and iconic brands, will be present at the event to help bring the teams' ideas to life for the Tiny Homes challenge.

Overall, the Make48 National competition at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub in North Little Rock promises to be an intense and meaningful event, combining innovation, creativity, and social impact. See more about this event at


Make48 is a nationwide invention-competition docuseries that gives everyday people a challenge to develop a new product at the start of a three-day event. With just 48 hours, teams have to plan, prototype, and pitch a new idea, within the specifications of a challenge. Teams utilize a variety of tools, materials, makerspaces and access to qualified expert “Tool Techs.” They assist teams with the provided fabrication tools to prototype ideas of ranging complexity. No prior invention experience is necessary. The winner is announced at the end of the 48-hour window. Make48 has launched 22 innovation-based competitions since 2015. For the last 7 years, the series has been a nationally syndicated television program through PBS and has now partnered with ‘This Old House Makers’ channel on Roku for seasons 6-8.

The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub at Winrock International is dedicated to improving the lives of Arkansans by inspiring innovation and expanding opportunities. Since the Hub’s opening in 2014, their state-of-the-art facilities have provided tools and training to entrepreneurs, students and other makers, preparing them to join and grow Arkansas’s economic ecosystem. Regardless of demographic identifiers or geographic location, Arkansans are generating and inspiring innovation in cutting-edge technology, business, and creative fields. The Innovation Hub uses tools, skills, and expertise to inspire innovators and entrepreneurs who expand the range of educational and economic opportunities for themselves, for their communities, in Arkansas and throughout the world.

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