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Benefits of Additive Manufacturing for New Inventions With Steve Grundahl, From Midwest Prototyping

Steve Grundahl, the founder of Midwest Prototyping recently sat down with Kevin Mako and the Mako Design + Invent podcast, THE PRODUCT STARTUP PODCAST

Steve founded Midwest Prototyping back in 2001 and today they are one of the biggest private facilities in the United States for additive manufacturing of new physical products.

Steve spoke to Kevin on Episode #83 of the Product Startup Podcast, and shared some valuable knowledge on how inventors, startups, and small manufacturers can use 3D printing and additive manufacturing to actually produce your first production runs, and the advantages of manufacturing this way.

Midwest Protoyping will serve as the Challenge sponsor for the Madison-Make48 event at The Bodgery. This year’s challenge theme will be ‘Outdoor Play.’ The top two winning teams from the event will advance to compete at the national competition, which will be filmed as Season 5 for PBS, slated for March 2022, where one team can win $10k.

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