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Bentonville-Make48 Competition | Meet The Teams

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Next week Bentonville will host the first Make48 competition at NorthWest Community College! NWACC is an institution that brings innovation, collaboration and maintains strong relationships within the Northwest Arkansas community.

Arkansan participants will come from around the region to create an idea for The Great Outdoors challenge with T-Mobile. With the support of experienced tool techs, local entrepreneurs, and generous sponsors, the participating teams will have the necessary resources and expertise to transform their ideas into working prototypes.

Meet Your Bentonville, NWACC Teams!


Derek Kapity, Jason Combs and Aldrin Warrick

The Makineers used to work in the same department of a local monopoly, and found that they enjoy solving problems to the best of their ability. We’re looking forward to seeing how the team will solve the challenge!


Stephanie Lafayette, Emily Mackzum, Joe Covey and Daisy Scharnhorst

Meet the students & alumni of NWACC, who have a passion for creating. The group is born from the IDL lab and has been a part of the many teachings that come from the wonderful professors that reside in its space. A few were former classmates, but brought together by their teachers.

Rat Scallions

Collin Whittington, Hayden Danielian, Nick Goff and Kurt Sikes

Best friends for 12 years, this quartet have always been creative. With a penchant to collaborate to come up with solutions and problem solving, we’re thrilled to have this group of friends compete for the “Outdoors” Challenge!

The Golden Eagles

Allyson Brown, James Smith, Colby Richardson and Shanteé Enitencio Quinn

Our team is extremely excited about this opportunity. Our professor Dr. Eva Fast (John Brown University) contacted us when she heard about Make48 and told us that we would make a great team together. All of us have a love for exploring new opportunities, looking for solutions, and solving any puzzle that comes our way.

Ctrl Alt Defeat

Daniel Power, Paige Power, Preston Dean and Kaleb Belcher

We are a husband, wife, and best friend team! We all live together, renovate houses, play board games, and try to push ourselves towards our goals. We are excited to participate in Make48!

NWACC Maker Club Student Group

Caden Biscup, Hiba Nadeem, River Robinson and Caleb Brown

This team of Makers will collaborate together, like they do at the NWACC Maker Club. The Maker Club is a space where anyone can learn a new skill, share experiences and make things with other creative minds. Just watch what we can create!

The Delta School

Andrew Podoll, Cameron Buckley, Haskel Schaffer and John Nielsen

Wilson, Arkansas will be represented at the Bentonville event. Students and faculty will come from The Delta School, an incubator for educational change. By blending different models such as; Project Based Learning, The Maker Movement, and School as Play, The Delta School creates an interconnected curriculum that is deeply grounded in developing relationship strengths to build character.

University of Arkansas Outdoor Industries

Meet the team from the University of Arkansas! This new program at the U of A is training and supporting students and entrepreneurs who are focused on outdoor recreation-oriented hospitality, service and experience businesses, as well as outdoor industry product design and development start-ups. (Team Members TBD)

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