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Design Edge Inc., Celebrating 35 Years of Design Excellence in the Toy Industry

In the dynamic world of toy design, one company has consistently stood out for its innovation and creativity. Design Edge Inc., a New York-based design company founded by Mark and Linda Nuccio, recently celebrated its 35th anniversary. Established in 1987, Design Edge Inc. has evolved from a small freelance outfit to a full-fledged design agency located on the largest movie studio lot in New York (Gold Coast Movie Studios).

Matt Nuccio is the current President of Design Edge. Matt started at Design Edge at the age of 14 with his older sister and parents. Did he think Design Edge would survive then? “Yes, I never had doubts. And I think we’ll be around for another 30 years.” Design Edge Inc. has been making waves in the toy industry, and their recent achievement of winning a TAGie award, the toy industry's equivalent to an Emmy, is a testament to their continued success.

Design Edge Inc. was nominated for two and clinched their first prestigious TAGie award. Their team won Best Design Visuals, thanks to their collaboration with Spin Master LLC. The winning product, a unique box designed for social media influencers and celebrities, rose to the top upon opening, creating a visually stunning and funky experience. Surprisingly, they beat out the iconic Furby, marking a significant milestone for the company.

After being nominated several times, Matt didn’t think he would hear their name being called. “We've been nominated a ton of times and never won. I was beginning to think that it was not in the cards. But it’s always nice to be nominated, and that's what I really care about. To be honest, I still think the nomination is more important than the award.”

Toys Of Our Lives - A New Adventure

In addition to their design accolades, Design Edge Inc.'s Matt Nuccio is gearing up for a new venture, a talk show titled "Toys of Our Lives." The series will delve into toy culture through conversations with celebrities and nostalgic toy reveals. The interactive 30-minute show, set to be shot in studio and feature field trips to iconic toy store destinations, promises a unique blend of entertainment and childhood reminiscence.

The show will consist of two exciting segments. The first involves Matt sitting down with celebrities, exploring the toys they grew up with, and unearthing cherished memories that influenced their careers. The second segment takes viewers on celebrity shopping sprees for other famous figures, adding a touch of excitement and intimacy to the toy-filled journey.

Matt's Santa List - Top Picks for the Season

Closing the blog on a personal note, Matt shares his own "Santa List" of favorite toys and top picks for the season. Some toys and games include the Bank A Ball by Better Design Co., the sold-out but highly sought-after Corners Game/Corner Ring Toss, and Color Smash! by the Goliath Company.

As Design Edge Inc. continues to leave an indelible mark on the toy industry, Matt Nuccio's passion for design and toys shines through. Having collaborated with almost every major toy company worldwide, the only exception is LEGO, and we’re sure that partnership will be on the horizon in the future.

The TAGie award, the upcoming "Toys of Our Lives" show, and the enduring legacy of Design Edge Inc. all contribute to a story of creativity, innovation, and a love that spans over three decades. With the promise of more exciting collaborations and projects in the future, Design Edge Inc. remains a powerhouse in the ever-evolving world of toy design.

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