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Gridlock Table, The Revolutionary Concept In Portable Workbenches

This year Make48 is working with the portable workbench that makes every job easier! Gridlock Table signed on to join Make48’s three ring circus and bring their versatile equipment to every competition this year.

Gridlock Table at Make48 Nationals Season 6

Gridlock Table made their debut at Nationals. Mark Miller joined the Tool Techs for the T-Mobile challenge and helped bring the team's ideas together. Teams and technicians utilized the first full-size, customizable table throughout the competition weekend.

Mark enjoyed working with the teams and tool techs at his first Make48 event. “Having the opportunity to be a part of Make48 and working next to such creative and brilliant Makers has been a highlight of my career. To watch Makers working side by side with various industry professionals in the product development world, and actually creating new products is exciting and inspiring, not to mention under such time restraints. I am proud to be a Make48 team member!”

Mark Miller (left) with fellow Tool Tech Gregg Nowling

Here’s a little bit about the Gridlock Table. Manufactured from aluminum, high-grade steel, and high density HDPE, the Gridlock Table is designed as a full size, sturdy and versatile replacement for inadequate sawhorses and other inferior portable work surfaces.

Nine pathways across the tabletop allow for unobstructed blade travel as you cut anything from a 4×8 sheet of plywood to dimensional lumber. Crossbars create gaps that allow access both above and below your project.

Both side rails have upper and lower T-tracks for attaching accessories. A uniform grid of attachment locations allow for the placement of Gridlock accessories anywhere on the tabletop—as well as for unlimited customization using the Adaptor Plate. It makes projects easily accessible from above and below for cutting, gluing, clamping and sanding.

Gridlock Table can be used for multiple purposes

Weighing in at just over 40 pounds, the collapsible Gridlock Table is portable enough to take to any location. Add in their line of innovative components for even more customization options. The Gridlock Table is a revolutionary concept in portable work tables. It offers maximum functionality with unlimited possibilities, allowing users to set up a full workshop anywhere, even on the go! Take a look at this…

Gridlock Table is the perfect base to build on! Why? Sturdy. Versatile. Portable. Convenient. Customizable.

We’ve been impressed by what we’ve seen so far, so if you’re looking to make your job easier visit

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