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Introducing Indiana's Teams Competing At Purdue Polytechnic Anderson

From July 21-23rd, eight teams from around the Anderson, IN region will compete at a Make48 event at Purdue Polytechnic Anderson (Website) Purdue Polytechnic Anderson is a direct extension of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University, one of the most innovative schools in the country. [U.S. News & World Report]

High school students will make up the teams, while Purdue-Poly college students will act as tool techs helping the teams build their prototypes, their sales sheets and marketing pitch. This will be a fierce competition!

As with other M48 competitions, teams will also rely on a few Tool Techs who have done this before. As well as mentors, patent attorneys and a team of volunteers to help get them through the 48 hour event as smoothly as possible.

Now meet your teams!

Flaming Artichokes - Anderson Community Schools

This team is made up of like-minded individuals wanting to explore technology and helping others through STEM and are involved in their local Purdue Polytechnic. Welcome David Perrel (Team Captain), Deakin Borden, Uriah Hatt and Timothy Ziuchkovski.

The STEMBUSTERS also hail from Anderson Community Schools where they are involved in the local Purdue Polytechnic. Meet Joshua Dillard (Team Captain), Jakob Dillard, Harmony Terrell and Jayla Stewart.

Not Fast, Just Furious

These individuals all have an interest in STEM and making things that work. They have worked together to build a Rube Goldberg machine for Physics class and had so much fun that Make48 sounded like a most excellent challenge! Team members: Leyda Garcia-Martinez, Ashley Jeronimo, Jazmine Morgan and Allison Rios.

APA Dream Makers - Anderson Prep Academy

This team is from Anderson Prep Academy, a K-12 charter school. The school believes in service before self and empowered leadership. They are excited for the opportunity to help find a solution that could impact change for their community! The team will be led by Jill Barker (Team Captain) with Charlie Hornocker, Bryan Balderrama and Johana Joseph.

HCC Dirt Devils - Hinds Career Center

Meet the group of students who attend Hinds Career Center. They each represents a different High School and are looking forward to the Make48 experience. Welcome Zander Gillespie, Logan Glessner, Adalynn Seal and Kelbin Shallenberger. With Matthew Adams/Laura Groover as the Team Chaperone.

Daleville Broncos - Daleville Jr/Sr High School

Mrs. Parlow is captaining the team and is their Makerspace teacher for 7th and 8th graders. They think this would be a good opportunity to show off their skills and potential outside the classroom! Kaylee Partlow (Team Captain), Jair Barajas, Max White and Casey Clay.

Randy's Rascals - Frankton-Lapel

A team of 4 juniors competing to take home the prize! These representatives will apply their previous experiences in 4-H, robotics, and a love for design to tackle real-world problems in the Make48 contest. Welcome Sam Barr, Max Barr, Kaden Key and Kase Clevenger who will be led by Randy England (Team Captain).

​​The Wingineers - PPHS Purdue High School

Andy is returning to Make48! This time Andy will act as a team captain, and is bringing a team of students from Purdue Polytechnic High School Indianapolis to compete. Meet Seth Harrison, Chi-Han Cao, Ryan Evans, Huma Moghul and Andy Mundell (Team Captain)

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