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Marketing & Branding with Ad Giants | Get Your FREE Logo

Make48 partners with Ad Giants to bring world-class marketing to the inventor community. There are many challenges for inventors and entrepreneurs whether it’s cost, licensing or patents, but there doesn’t have to be a huge marketing expense.

David Farmer is the marketing expert and founder of Ad Giants and he knows his stuff.

Ad Giants is a subscription based full agency, with small business affordability. Their team has the expertise to help small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

“We simplify the marketing process by connecting small business owners and/or entrepreneurs with a proven advertising executive who then uses their decades of experience to create a customized, marketing strategy,” David expressed. The technology Ad Giants utilizes is a simple platform, so owners can keep aware of the work being done on behalf of their businesses.

At the GoCreate-Make48 event in Wichita, David was part of the Focus Group panel with Lance Minor and Mariem Berrada from Wichita State University. The focus group consists of experts in either marketing or manufacturing and visits every team at the halfway point and asks questions regarding their idea and prototype. The teams only have a few minutes to discuss their product and get feedback. It helps the teams develop their ideas more fully and prepares them for questions at the judging panel.

One piece of advice David has for teams competing at Make48 is, “Know your product difference and benefits. Cut immediately to why it’s important, what problem it solves, why the market needs it, and how you see selling it. Be VERY concise in your presentation and don’t get off down some rabbit hole presenting. Stick to the facts and basics.”

Many individuals starting out invest a lot of energy and resources into their marketing plan, but having a sound business plan first is a must. “If you don’t have one, you’re wasting money,” David replied. “At Ad Giants, we ask owners WHY they started their companies. We then ask where do you want your business to go? Ultimately, it all revolves around listening to our clients and building solid relationships and strategies."

If you have a brand (and you should), marketing needs to be aligned with your brand. “I always tell my clients, if their business was a person, describe who you want them to be, to look like, to speak like, etc. Humanizing brands is how we connect with people.”

What would be his #1 tip when taking a product to market? Here is a brief list of the key marketing areas of focus when establishing a new business or product.

1. Establish Brand Personality

2. Establish Company Goals

3. Create Brand Voice and Tone

4. Naming Examination and Selection

5. Logo Examination

6. Tagline Creation

7. Internal Brand Extension (How brand touches all aspects of the business)

8. External Brand Extension (How brand will touch all outside experiences)

9. Initial Branding Materials

“I didn’t build Ad Giants just for the money,” David said. “It’s about helping the millions of small businesses that are targeted daily by a slew of “make a buck” marketing people out there. Any business, no matter how big or small, needs a solid marketing strategy.”

Visit the talented team at Ad Giants and start your business path to marketing greatness. Get a FREE marketing plan and register with zero obligation. Mention Make48 and you can get 50% off a NEW Logo or a FREE Logo Refresher! Visit Ad Giants services and pricing and put your brand center stage.

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