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Meet Your 2021 Madison Teams!

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Madison residents answered the call and stepped out to the casting call held at the Bodgery a few weeks ago! From students to coworkers to families, the teams are made up of a great mix of backgrounds. Make48 will be heading to the Wisconsin state capitol in August, with Midwest Prototyping crafting the teams’ challenge.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the teams will make. The challenge theme at the Bodgery-Make48 event will be ‘Outdoor Play’, and all the teams will have the expertise of our Tool Techs to help them build. Eight teams will compete for a chance to win with one team winning $2k and the top two teams going to the Nationals in 2022.

Madison, meet your teams!

Blindsided by the Machine - Josie, Sebastian, Hannah and Natalie

Four students from the University of Madison-Wisconsin are ready to take on the competition! Introducing Blindsided by the Machine.

Josie is currently an undergraduate at UW-Madison studying Civil and Environmental Engineering and Chemistry and has an undergraduate research position where she studies herbicide degradation in lakes around Wisconsin.

Hannah is studying mechanical engineering at UW-Madison.

Natalie is a junior at UW-Madison double majoring in chemical engineering and chemistry and works on a multitude of design projects with the UW makerspace and UW's chapter of SWE.

Sebastian, a FIRST Robotics Competition alumni, is a junior at the University of Wisconsin studying mechanical engineering with a certificate in leadership and manufacturing.

Stainless Steel Badgers - Johnny, Mitchell, Keegan and Eric

The Stainless Steel Badgers are recent Mechanical Engineering graduates from UW-Madison who are currently or previously employed at Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove. In other words, this team will never be rusty and they expect the win to be a stainless steal!

Johnny is a design engineer at Wolf Appliance and an artist/maker in his free time. He enjoys hands-on projects that combine experiences with traditional art techniques and modern day engineering to create products that are both functional and aesthetic.

Mitchell is a rotational engineer at Sub Zero Wolf and is currently working as a manufacturing engineer. His hobbies include woodworking, biking, and building remote control models.

Eric is a manufacturing engineer working on the Cove assembly line. He likes designing human-centered solutions and quickly creating effective prototypes for the manufacturing line.

Keegan is an engineer, entrepreneur, and home cook. He recently left his engineering job to launch a startup. His company, Internship on Demand, is rebuilding the traditional internship process so that it works for everyone.

Team Solutive Badgers - Gabriela, Nicholas, Kenneth and Andrea

Meet the Solutive Badgers, a team of students from UW-Madison. The planning process is beginning early for their team, who are dividing the team roles to better conquer the competition!

Gabriela is the team captain for the Solutive Badgers Team and is currently a Junior studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and helps as a Technical Student Staff at the UW-Makerspace working with various fabrication tools.

Kenneth is an international student from Indonesia currently double majoring in Computer Engineering & Computer Sciences at UW-Madison. His role will be acting as the software developer for their team using his extensive knowledge of computing languages and electronics.

Nicholas is a junior studying Computer Engineering & Computer Science at U. of Wisconsin-Madison and has a background in microprocessor and microcontroller project with plans to manage the computer processing part of their team.

Andrea is a senior at the U. of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in Marketing and has past experiences in startups and several business competitions. Her team role will encompass pitches, design, and marketing.

Team AAAR! - Andrew, Alec, Adam and Ross

This team has lots of design experience working for Strang, Inc., so they are ready for anything the competition can throw at them! Meet Andrew, Alec, Adam and Ross.

Alec is an architect at Strang, Inc, but also pursues design at a multi-scalar and multi-sensory level. He enjoys designing and building various, unique human-powered transportation and multi-sensory experiences.

Adam is an electrical engineering specialist at Strang Inc., and works part-time at a game store called “I'm Board! Games and Family Fun”.

Ross is an architectural designer at Strang, Inc., who believes the power of design to improve the lives of individuals and communities. He’s been involved in designing and building multiple installations in New Orleans and Chicago.

The Free Wheelers - Ben, Zach, Nicole and Claude

Meet Ben, Claude, Nikki & Zach. They're hopeful that their product and prototyping experience for Trek bicycles will give them a one-up on the competition.

Ben has a degree in composite materials engineering from Winona State University and has spent a total of 12 years in manufacturing, 6 years in design for manufacturing, and now 2.5 years managing the prototype development team for Trek Bicycle.

Zach is the UX Research and Strategy Lead on the Advanced Products team at Trek Bicycle, where he tests/prototypes and works with customers.

Nikki is a Sr. Product Designer for BCycle—a Trek owned subsidiary—with over 7 years of experience in the cycling industry.

Claude has worked at Trek Bicycle for 12 years, and is an engineering manager. Originally from Oconomowoc, Claude attended UW-Madison for Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics.

Team Last Lock - Jack, Alex, Christian and Jaideep

Meet Jaideep, Christian, Jack & Alex! This team has experience bringing their Last Lock product to market which they're hoping will give them an edge.

Highly Illogical Captains - Jen and Jamie

Meet Jen & Jamie, the husband and wife team poised to take on this challenge at their local makerspace.

Jen & Jamie Doser are the Highly Illogical Captains. Jen is a graphic designer, photographer, and entrepreneur. Jamie is a software consultant, woodworker, and a DIYer. They both enjoy building and learning new things, as well as finding unique solutions to everyday challenges.

Badger Bots - Lisa and Jeffrey

Meet Lisa, Jeff, Julia & J. (Julia & J. not pictured). Their experience in the BadgerBOTS competitions will prove useful in this 48 hour showdown.

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