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Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design: MIAD

Wisconsin’s only four-year, independent art and design college will host a Make48 event July 15-17, 2022. The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) is opening its doors to the invention-competition City Series this summer with Harley-Davidson calling the challenge.

Eight teams will receive their challenge at the top of the clock. They will compete to create a prototype, promotional video, sales sheet, and present their idea to a panel of judges. Make48’s participants will also have access to tools, materials, workspace, and guidance from their expert lab team, while Make48, MIAD, and selected sponsors will provide Tool Techs and hands-on expertise.

The celebrated 48-hour maker challenge is now open to innovators and teams from Milwaukee and across the country. Applicants to City Series competitions were previously restricted to participants residing in the host city. Now anyone can apply nationwide, allowing for diversity and removing geographical limitations. Now is the time to create and discover what’s possible in 48 hours.

Details can be found at

The winning team will win $2,000 and advance to compete at 2023’s national competition. Make48’s Milwaukee City Series theme, selected by challenge sponsor Harley-Davidson, is Interactive Outdoor Play. Specific challenge details will not be revealed until the competition kicks off on July 15, 2022.

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