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Providence Park - Pulaski County’s FIRST Tiny Home Village

Updated: Jun 12

In this next season of Make48 Nationals, teams competed in a VERY inspiring challenge. 

Once upon a time in North Little Rock, a community faced a challenge that demanded innovation and compassion. The people of Pulaski County, led by the visionary Errin Stanger, embarked on a journey to address homelessness in a way that hadn't been done before in Arkansas.

Their dream was Providence Park, a tiny village that would offer more than just roofs over heads. It would provide a supportive community where individuals could thrive and regain their footing. With a mission to serve the chronically homeless population, Providence Park aims to create a neighborhood of dignity and support for those most in need. 

Errin and Tom Gray worked together to bring Make48’s national competition to The Innovation Hub. The stage was set for an inspiring challenge as eight teams from across the country converged on North Little Rock. The teams listened to the challenge and collaborated with those closest to the project. 

A brand new tiny home
Providence Park | Pulaski County's First Tiny Home Village

Their task? To design and build prototypes for tiny homes that would incorporate innovative solutions to specific challenges, such as storage, cleanliness, combatting loneliness, and caring for pets. As the competition unfolded, the teams delved into the intricacies of the project, consulting with architects and mentors, and visiting the construction site. Each team faced unique challenges, from maximizing space to fostering a sense of community among residents.

Providence Park - A New Beginning  

With the initial phase set to develop 100 homes by 2025, Providence Park is poised to make a real difference in the lives of the homeless population. And as the project moves forward, Pulaski County has rallied behind it, eager to be a part of something truly transformative. 

Executive leaders plan to house 400 tiny homes with full support services, including medical, mental, and dental, with income opportunities for central Arkansas’s chronically homeless population. The first tenants are expected to move into their forever homes in the first quarter of 2025.

Recently, Errin Stanger has stepped into her role as CEO of Providence Park. With over two decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, and 10 years as the Director of The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, Stanger was more than just a leader; she was a beacon of hope for those in need. “Founding Providence Park was driven by a deep desire to significantly impact the lives of those facing chronic homelessness in central Arkansas,” Stanger stated. “After researching similar projects across the country, I was profoundly inspired. Providence Park is more than a housing project — it's a beacon of hope, grace, and empowerment, a place where the homeless can find not just shelter but a community of support and opportunities for personal growth.” [CEO Announcement Providence Park]

Under Stanger's guidance, Providence Park will offer a range of services to its residents, from job training to access to healthcare. Inspired by similar projects across the country, including Austin’s Community First! Village, Providence Park aims to provide not just housing, but a community where individuals can thrive.

The Groundbreaking and 2024 State of the County Address was held on May 14, 2024. At least 100 people showed up including city officials.

Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde, who is the largest partner of the project said, “The village will provide our most vulnerable residents with a dignified place to call home, and will empower them to create a space they can be proud of, where they can feel safe and cultivate the community themselves.” [Arkansas Advocate, 2024]

Providence Park is a symbol of hope and empowerment for those facing homelessness. If you want to help, visit this link to donate or purchase care bundles. Supporters can directly furnish homes and empower residents as they transition to a stable environment. We are excited to see Errin and Pulaski County come together and build an environment that will last a lifetime. 

Make48 Nationals Launches on June 5th

Watch the newest episodes of Make48 and see what creative ideas were brought to life and the teams’ journey on June 5th.  One team will win the ultimate grand prize and walk away with a custom-made trophy, $10,000, and the title of “Make48’s Season 7 Grand Winners!” Catch the episodes on This Old House Maker Channel (Roku ch#458). Episodes will be uploaded to Make48’s YouTube Channel the following week. 

For more information about Providence Park and to get involved, visit the project’s just-launched website at 

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