Third Episode of our Maker Series Starts Tomorrow in KC

Tomorrow the 3rd Maker Series will begin! Jimmy DiResta will be the lead maker to build a ‘FAN Experience’ with Operation Breakthrough and 87 & Running. Using vintage stadium chairs from Arrowhead Stadium, the build will take place at the Maker Village, a shared community woodworking and metalworking shop in Kansas City.

The Maker Village will also bring in a few makers to help create this one-of-a-kind project! With a lofty project and only 48 hours to create, co-owner Nick Ward-Bopp will help along with a few makers including Zac Jurden, Megan Pace, Angelica Sandoval, Greta de la Rua and Theresa Hitchcock.

We will also be joined by a couple of special makers from Operation Breakthrough! Operation Breakthrough are celebrating 50 years of helping Kansas City families and Travis Kelce has joined their mission. In 2020, Kelce purchased a building with plans to turn it into a working space for teenagers in which they will have the opportunity to “explore careers in STEM, launch their own entrepreneurial ventures and gain real-world experience.” Amir and Amare Kane are brothers who have attended Operation Breakthrough and will be some of the new students to use the new space, Ignition Lab: Powered by 87 & Running, where the new chairs will call home! Amir and Amare have a special bond with Travis Kelce and the seventh and eighth grade students will help build something totally unique to show him!

Follow us throughout the 48 hour build on Instagram and Facebook. Watch the build from behind the scenes, where you’ll get to see the ‘Godfather of Making’ create for a good cause. And be on the lookout for our giveaways this week with Jimmy, WorkbenchCon and supporters of the Maker Series project. Here’s a quick preview! Ultimaker Giveaway Ultimaker is donating an