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Win an Ultimaker 3D Printer!

Updated: May 13

To celebrate the release of the Kansas City build sizzle video, Ultimaker is giving away an Original+ 3d printer!

Head over to Jimmy’s Instagram at and enter to WIN!

Whatever it’s complexity, the award-winning DIY 3D printer will print your vision. The Original Plus is the 3d printer that established Ultimaker’s position as a market leader in their field.

As one of the world’s leading 3D desktop printer manufacturers, Ultimaker has been a huge supporter of Make48. As the developers of Cura software, Ultimaker has its finger firmly on the pulse of major 3D printing trends. The Netherland based company have offices and assembly lines across the United States.

Luis Rodriguez from Ultimaker was part of the team at the Maker Village build in Kansas City. A tool tech veteran at the Make48 events, Luis has assisted teams by 3d printing their products for 4 seasons. Not only did he 3d print parts at the Maker Series event, he helped with all facets of the project.

To enter the Giveaway, follow these steps and rules:

1) Like the Post on Jimmy’s Instagram page

2) Follow @ultimaker, @gomake48 and @workbenchconference

3) Answer this question and Tag that person in a comment below: Who is the famous football player that is supporting @operationbreakthrough with a brand new Makerspace?

4) The winner selected must live in the continental United States.

A BIG THANK YOU to Ultimaker for being a sponsor of our Kansas City 'Fan Experience' Build. Good Luck!

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Talha Abbasi
Talha Abbasi
Nov 28, 2023

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