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Third Episode of our Maker Series in the books!

Updated: May 13

There was a network of makers working on a project for an incredible nonprofit organization in Kansas City called Operation Breakthrough. Jimmy DiResta and Nick Ward-Bopp led the event with a team of makers from the Maker Village, Total Boat, ShopBot Tools and Ultimaker. The custom-made project was completed in 48 hours!

Watch the sizzle for a first look at the 3rd build event at the Maker Village to create a ‘Fan Experience’ for Operation Breakthrough's new co-working space for teens, The IgnitionLab: Powered by 87 & Running.

The Ignition Space will be the natural next step for students ages 14-18 who have aged out of Operation Breakthrough’s MakerCity program. The amazing facility will have in it a Makerspace where students can learn an abundance of skills and design thinking that’s incorporated into several subjects including textiles, automotive, graphics & media, and much more.

Amir and Amare Kane are brothers who have attended Operation Breakthrough and will be some of the first students to use the Ignition Lab: Powered by 87 & Running – where the chairs will call home!

It was a great feeling to see Amir and Amare help out the makers. They spent a few hours with the team with the CEO of Operation Breakthrough, Mary Esselman, and coordinator Melanie Hungerford. Amir and Amare worked with the table saw, created some epoxy pieces with Total Boat, and spoke to Nathan Vickers from KCTV about their experience and the new Makerspace they’ll call home in the fall (2021).

Not even a blizzard could keep the team away on the second day of the build!

Luckily everyone made it safely to Home Depot in the morning to pick up some much needed supplies. Local news station, KCTV5 and Nathan Vickers met our team at the hardware run and came back to the Maker Village to meet a couple of makers from Operation Breakthrough.

On the second day the entire platform was built along with the sides and special touches with the 87 & Running logo. Everyone pitched in ….. Jimmy, Nick and Maker Village makers Greta, Angelica, Megan and Zac rotated throughout the 48 hours. Kristin and Mike from Total Boat, Gordon from ShopBot and Luis with Ultimaker all helped in this amazing build.

After a late night on day two, we all grabbed some much needed coffee from Blip Roasters and donuts. Time was up at Noon, and the team still had some pieces to finish up.

But the team finished minutes before the clock hit zero. At the end of the build Operation Breakthrough students Jeremyah and Izayah Bradley, and CEO Mary Esselman were led into the Makerspace to see the finished product.

We can’t wait to see them incorporate the new chairs into the Ignition Lab: Powered by 87 & Running. This fall, the space will be open for some of Kansas City’s most promising students for ages 14 – 18, and will provide an array of educational and entrepreneurial pursuits! Stay tuned to see the full build and a follow up story later this year!

Thank you to all the Supporters, Sponsors and especially our Makers! It’s been a great series and we’re ready for more. Stay safe and healthy and we’ll see you at the next one.

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Therman Scott
Therman Scott
Mar 05, 2021

When will be the date for actual registration to this event Make 48 in September 2021

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