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WATCH The 2022 Milwaukee-Make48 Sizzle

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Make48 launched their FIRST 48-hour competition at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) with Harley-Davidson calling the challenge. Seven teams thought of amazing designs for the challenge “Interactive Outdoor Play” in an inspiring atmosphere.

MIAD was a fantastic location for the Make48 competition. Marie Couture is the Director of Facilities & Logistics. “MIAD is a place where passion finds purpose. Our facility is a creative hive, a factory of creative thought. Our students, and their work, are inspiring, energizing, humbling. They are the future of creativity.”

Harley-Davidson was the challenge sponsor for the teams. One winning team was chosen and won $2k and will represent Milwaukee at Nationals early next year (March, 2023).

The teams had the support of mentors and tool techs throughout the weekend. The volunteers came from local companies and organizations including; Harley-Davidson, MIAD, BCI Burke, PTC Onshape, Fastenal, ShopBot Tools and Airgas. We also brought in a few makers to help including Scott Oram (Dad It Yourself DIY), Roger Huffman (Fastenal/Harley-Davidson), Tyler Isaacs (Wooden Whiskers Trading Co.) and Stan Fernald. Using collaboration, the technicians built prototypes for the teams in just 48 hours.

A handful of Milwaukee’s businesses, tool companies and local establishments supported the 48-hour competition over the weekend. Those companies include; Boyle Fredrickson,

A very special thank you to Shanna Beanan (Talent Lead at Harley-Davidson) and the crew at Harley-Davidson and the Harley-Davidson Museum for believing in our teams and the challenge. Also a huge shout-out to the leaders at MIAD (Marie, Ben, Annushka and Jeff) who went the extra mile. Our team is very thankful for the support and dedication from everyone throughout the weekend.

Winners will be announced when the full episode is released. The next City Series stop will be in the Greater Madison area, at FABLAB, Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Enjoy the Sizzle!

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