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3M Menomonie Inspires Innovation at UW-STOUT Competition

3M Menomonie is proud to announce its role as the Challenge Sponsor at the upcoming UW-Stout competition, set to take place on October 27. This event promises to be an exciting showcase of innovation, featuring six high school teams from across west central Wisconsin.

These teams will gather at UW-Stout's FABLAB to tackle a mystery challenge, all within the span of a single weekend. It's a fitting partnership, as 3M Menomonie has been a longstanding supporter of UW-Stout's Polytechnic offerings and has consistently invested in innovative community programs that aim to create a brighter future for everyone.

“3M is using science to improve lives around the world, and that commitment begins in our local communities,” Janice Neitzel, Site Director at 3M Menomonie Plant, said. “We are excited to collaborate with UW-Stout on the Make48 Event and we are honored to have the privilege to create the challenge for the event."

3M is a global innovation company known for never ceasing to invent. Throughout its history, 3M has continually worked to enhance daily life for millions of people worldwide. From improving nighttime driving to making buildings safer and consumer electronics more efficient and eco-friendly. They've even contributed to NASA's mission to put a man on the moon. At 3M, each idea sparks the next, propelling progress across the globe.

3M Menomonie plays a significant role in this legacy by producing, processing, and developing a wide range of innovative products. These include microreplicated films, tape, personal care items, composites, Nextel ceramic fibers, and ceramic reinforced wire.

In addition to their groundbreaking innovations, 3M Menomonie is dedicated to investing in innovative community programs that pave the way for a brighter future. Their employees and retirees actively contribute their time and professional expertise to local organizations. Whether through financial support, product donations, or volunteer assistance, 3M Menomonie is an active supporter of educational, health, human services, arts, culture, and environmental organizations.

The UW-Stout competition will see high school teams from the surrounding counties, including Eau Claire County, Polk County, Chippewa County, Dunn County, Clark County, and St. Croix County. Each team has the support of a local industry and the corresponding county economic development corporation. This collaborative effort ensures that the competition not only fosters innovation but also strengthens local ties.

Katie Cappozzo, head of strategic partnerships, played a pivotal role in bringing Make48 to UW-Stout. She expressed her excitement, stating, "Make48 is thrilled to be holding our first Career Pathways Event at UW-Stout. The event will involve high school teams competing with the assistance of UW-Stout students acting as tool technicians, helping teams bring their prototypes to life. With 3M Menomonie Plant as the event's challenge sponsor, the stage is set for an inspiring display of innovation.”

Ultimately, 3M Menomonie's partnership with UW-Stout and its role as the Challenge Sponsor demonstrates a commitment to nurturing innovation, supporting local communities, and inspiring the next generation of inventors and problem solvers. This event promises to be a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and the pursuit of a brighter future for all. Visit the website for more information.

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