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Beloit Sponsors Taking Innovation to the Next Level in 2023

The Lincoln Academy (TLA) in Beloit, Wisconsin, is gearing up to host its second consecutive Make48-Beloit event. TLA, an exceptional K-12 public charter school, is known for its commitment to innovation, equity, and strong community partnerships.

This year, eight teams will have the opportunity to utilize TLA's state-of-the-art technology and engineering center to bring their ideas to life. Contributing to the event's success are several companies and organizations that share a common goal of building stronger communities through innovation.

The sponsors of the Make48-Beloit event in 2023 are a diverse group of companies and organizations committed to driving innovation, supporting the community, and fostering growth. Through their contributions, they are helping to create an environment where teams can unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life. The collaborative efforts of these sponsors, along with the Lincoln Academy, are key to making the event a success and further strengthening the spirit of innovation in Beloit.

Let's meet the sponsors who are taking innovation to the next level in Beloit in 2023.

Alliant Energy logo

Alliant Energy, the event's main sponsor, is a company known for its emphasis on innovation and customer engagement partnerships. Actively seeking feedback and input from its customers, Alliant Energy drives innovation and develops new programs and services accordingly. The company invests in various initiatives, including STEM programs, workforce development, agriculture, literacy, transportation, and youth mentoring and development programs.

ABC Supply Co logo

ABC Supply, established in 1982, has become the largest wholesale distributor of roofing supplies and one of the largest distributors of siding, windows, and other building products. As an employee-first company, ABC Supply focuses on associate engagement, customer satisfaction, and delivering exceptional financial results.

Website: ABC Supply

Hendricks Commercial Properties logo

Hendricks Commercial Properties specializes in revitalizing historic properties and creating thriving business environments. With a focus on real estate investments, management, and development, they offer innovative solutions to meet the most challenging real estate needs.

Kerry Ingredients logo

Kerry Ingredients, a global multinational, has a remarkable journey that began as a small dairy company in Ireland. Over the last five decades, they have developed solutions that cater to evolving tastes and provide nutrition for future generations. Kerry Ingredients combines belief, vision, and innovation to create a unique company.

Fairbanks Morse Defense logo

Fairbanks Morse Defense (FMD) is a trusted provider of naval power and propulsion systems. With over 100 years of experience, FMD supplies marine technologies, OEM parts, and turnkey services to various defense organizations, including the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. FMD is committed to supporting military fleets without compromising safety or quality.

Visit Beloit logo

Visit Beloit is a resourceful organization that provides information about living, working, and visiting Beloit. They have a dedicated team of staff and volunteers who can answer questions and offer travel-related information about the greater Beloit area. Visit Beloit's new office is conveniently located in the downtown area, close to the Beloit College Powerhouse and ABC Supply Stadium.

Corporate Contractors INC logo

Corporate Contractors, Inc. (CCI) is a leading general contracting firm based in southern Wisconsin. With decades of experience in a wide range of projects, CCI aims to make every project an example of inspired design realized through purposeful construction. They have completed thousands of construction projects locally and across the nation.

Hidden Creek Estates logo

Hidden Creek Estates, owned by Kerry and Dude Frank, offers a picturesque venue located in Roscoe, Illinois. Kerry and Dude Frank take care of the 30 acres of land surrounding the property, ensuring a high level of service for events and gatherings. With Kerry's extensive experience in running multiple businesses and Dude's expertise in software, production, and business, Hidden Creek Estates provides a premier venue for creating unforgettable memories.

First National Bank and Trust logo

First National Bank and Trust, with over 130 years of banking experience, is a local, family-focused community bank headquartered in Beloit. They serve communities throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, offering excellent customer service and a wide range of financial products. The bank actively supports the economic well-being and quality of life in the community.

NorthStar Medical Radiosotopes logo

NorthStar Medical Radiosotopes is solving the challenges facing U.S. radioisotope customers and constantly evolving to meet changing needs. At NorthStar, a team of innovators revolutionized the reliable production of Mo-99. Until now, molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), Tc-99m’s parent isotope, has only been sourced from overseas. NorthStar is unique in that they produce, process and ship Mo-99 from within the U.S., providing for its efficient and reliable distribution. They are dedicated to preserving the environment using non-uranium production methods and working with industry leaders to develop and commercialize new diagnostics and therapeutics that will serve the next generation of medical advances for patients.

Blackhawk Bank logo

Blackhawk Bank operates ten banking centers in south central Wisconsin and north central Illinois. They offer a wide array of innovative products and services to individuals, families, and business owners. In addition to traditional banking services, Blackhawk Bank provides value-added consultative services for small business owners, such as investment management, HR consulting, and cost-saving Health Savings Accounts.

Harris Ace Hardware logo

Harris Ace Hardware is a family-owned business with a rich history dating back to 1859. They operate five Ace Hardware stores in Beloit, Janesville, and Monroe, providing high-quality products and services for the home. With a focus on customer satisfaction and strong community relationships, Harris Ace Hardware continues to be a helpful neighborhood hardware store.

BioForward logo

BioForward, formerly known as the Wisconsin Biotechnology Association, represents Wisconsin's biohealth cluster. Their mission is to grow biohealth companies in the state and unite the industry to shape the future of healthcare. BioForward fosters collaboration, advocates for the industry, facilitates education, and promotes the region's opportunities and successes.

Website: BioForward

Blain's Farm & Fleet logo

Blain's Farm & Fleet is a family-owned business and the original discount retailer. Since 1955, they have been providing quality products to hardworking farmers and the rural community at affordable prices. With 45 stores across Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Blain's Farm & Fleet offers a wide range of products, including home goods, pet supplies, toys, games, automotive services, and more.

Mid-States Concrete logo

Mid-States Concrete is a family-owned business with over 75 years of experience in precast concrete projects. They offer comprehensive support throughout the entire project, from design and engineering to construction and completion. Mid-States Concrete specializes in architectural and structural precast concrete building systems, providing resilience, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal to their projects.

Beloit College is a private liberal arts college in Beloit, Wisconsin. Founded in 1846, when Wisconsin was still a territory, it is the state's oldest continuously operated college and currently have an enrollment of roughly 1,400 undergraduate students. Innovative and human, Beloit develops in students the capacities critical to building flourishing careers and meaningful lives in a rapidly changing world: effective communication, productive collaboration, creative problem solving, and personal and professional agility.

Wet & Forget is a New Zealand company spanning over 40 years. Wet & Forget specializes in developing easy cleaning solutions for various everyday problems. They are known for their approach of working "smarter, not harder" and continuously strive to improve their products. Wet & Forget's focus on providing easy and effective cleaning solutions, along with their commitment to chemical safety and environmental responsibility, has contributed to their loyal customer following and continued success in the industry.

Website:Wet & Forget

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