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Gridlock Table Partners With Make48 In 2024

Introducing the ultimate solution for your building projects. Gridlock Table, the portable workbench that's revolutionizing the industry. We're proud to announce that Gridlock Table has renewed its partnership with Make48 for another year, bringing its innovative equipment to every competition.

Gridlock Table being used at a makerspace
Gridlock Table at every competition

Gridlock Table has become an indispensable tool, making its mark in season seven. Made from premium materials like aluminum, high-grade steel, and high-density HDPE, Gridlock Table offers a full-size, sturdy, and versatile alternative to traditional work surfaces.

Featuring nine pathways across the tabletop for unobstructed blade travel, the Gridlock Table ensures seamless cutting of materials ranging from plywood to lumber. With crossbars creating accessible gaps above and below your project, and side rails equipped with upper and lower T-tracks for attaching accessories, Gridlock Table offers unparalleled customization and convenience.

Weighing just over 40 pounds and collapsible for easy transport, Gridlock Table is the perfect companion for any job, anywhere. Plus, with a range of innovative components available for further customization, the possibilities are endless.

Don't just take our word for it. Mark Miller, who joined Make48's Tool Techs for the T-Mobile challenge in season 6, brought the Gridlock Table to the event. Tool Techs and teams praised its functionality and versatility. "Gridlock Table truly enhances the collaborative spirit of the competition", said Tool Tech Tyler Isaacs.

If you're ready to make your job easier and take your projects to the next level, visit to learn more. Gridlock Table: the perfect base to build on. Sturdy. Versatile. Portable. Convenient, and Customizable.

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