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Losing a Legend: David Marshall, Kansas Ambassador, Retires (Again)

David Marshall, Make48 Kansas Ambassador, has decided to hang up his boots once more and we are going to miss him greatly. David's Make48 journey began in 2021 when he volunteered at his first Make48 event in his own backyard, Wichita, KS. It is rare to find someone who cares so deeply for people he hasn’t even met yet but that is David to a tee. David will be able to focus more of his time on his favorite two passions: his wife, Deborah, and Heart Medicine Creations, creating beautiful pieces of art.

1 volunteer with 2 students at makerspace
David Marshall at his first event as a volunteer

He instantly became family and we knew we just couldn’t part ways yet. David joined our team as the Kansas Ambassador and excelled tremendously. His passion and genuine concern for the well-being of others helped him succeed in Kansas. He was instrumental in bringing Make48 Season 5 nationals and Season 6 regionals to Wichita as well as the first, second AND third Make48 event for the visually impaired and blind community at the Kansas State School for the Blind. 

1 man helping a young student with her drawing of a chicken and egg
David Marshall will be missed by Make48 and teams alike!

"David epitomizes, to me, what it means to be a 'lifelong learner'. David's ability to honor, respect, and listen made him an instant favorite of our staff and students. While David had limited exposure to blindness or low vision when we first met, he was able to see the abilities of individuals and their potential rather than their limitations. We will miss his kindness, curiosity, and positivity". -Jon Harding, KSSB

2 men smiling and laughing
Jon Harding and David Marshall at VIP Blind Spot dinner

“I have deeply enjoyed getting to know David Marshall. His extensive background and knowledge across various topics have always amazed me. Sitting down with him and learning about his life, especially his wonderful wife Deborah, has been a true delight. David is one of the most sincere and passionate creatives I've met, always striving for the best for everyone around him—be it his coworkers or the competing team members. He consistently looks out for others. I'm thrilled that he's taking this time to focus on his personal projects and hopefully travel more with Deborah. David, I'll see you in Colorado!” - Cass Munoz, Make48

1 man and 1 woman standing front of Koch banner
David and Cassandra Munoz at the '23 Wichita event

David is simply going to be irreplaceable. When he asks how your day is or about something going on in your life it is because he truly cares about you. He is happy when everyone around him is happy. One of my favorite things about David is how inclusive he always is; he consistently strives to ensure everyone, regardless of their background, has equal opportunities. David might be retiring but he is still very much a part of our family and always will be. See you at the next Rock and Gem Show, David!” -Courtney Rosenquist, Make48

1 man and 1 woman in front of banner
David and Courtney Rosenquist at Wichita event

"We have thoroughly enjoyed having David on our team.  From the first time we met him at the event in Wichita, we knew he was something special.  His energy and enthusiasm for people is always at 100%.  He truly cares about how to treat people, making sure everyone is served and taken care of, and is passionate about what he does. He has been an absolute blessing to the Make48 family and we consider him part of ours.  He will be missed but never forgotten!" -Amy Gray, Make48

3 women and 3 men posing together in front of banner
Make48 Team at KSSB 2024

“I will certainly miss David. Interestingly, many people have mistaken him for my father, yes, true story, but David and I are more like brothers. What I've truly appreciated about David is his passion and energy in everything he does. From brightening the mood in our 9am meetings to bringing strength and sincere care to everyone at our events. David has earned his VIP ticket to all future events and will always be known as a friend to us all. Thank you, David and we will all miss you. Enjoy your time with Debbie and continue pursuing your passion for gemstones.” -Tom Gray, Make48

2 men and 1 woman smiling in front of banner
David Marshall with Tom and Amy Gray

Thank you David for being an inspiration to all of us, an advocate for the visually impaired and blind community, an amazing artist, and a Make48 hype man. We are going to miss you so much.

This isn’t goodbye, just see you later!

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