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Make48 Season 7 Nationals Crowns Delta School Champions for Innovative Social Map

The Make48 Season 7 National competition, recently aired on This Old House Makers Channel (Roku), culminated in a thrilling victory for The Delta School team. Cameron Buckley, Hannah Wright, Haskel Schaffer, and Bondo Nielsen wowed judges with "Social Terrain," an interactive 3D map system designed to revolutionize community connection.

The Delta Team wins Make38 with trophy
Bondo, Haskell, Hannah and Cameron are Make48's 7th Season National Winners!

Delta School Team

The Delta School's winning team at the National competition consisted of four members: Cameron Buckley (Director of Education and Design Practices), Hannah Wright (Maker Education Designer), and final-year Delta School students Haskel Schaffer and Bondo Nielsen.

Prior to their National win, The Delta School competed in the regional competition in Bettonville, AR at NorthWest Arkansas Community College: NWACC. The teams had to create an idea for The Great Outdoors challenge with T-Mobile. Cameron, Haskel and Bondo competed together with Andrew Podoll (replaced with Hannah at nationals). 

There, they achieved runner-up status with their innovative prototype, Go Tether, a personalized geographic game using 5G technology. Fortunately, this achievement secured them a spot in the national competition, where they ultimately triumphed.

Innovative Solution for Tiny Homes

This season's challenge focused on creating innovative solutions for "Tiny Homes For The Homeless." The Delta School's winning concept, Social Terrain, directly addresses the issue of isolation often experienced in close-knit living situations.

The system features interconnected 3D maps installed in each unit, displaying real-time social data to foster meaningful interactions.

Key Features of Social Terrain

A prototype from the delta school, social terrain
Social Terrain Prototype

  • Real-Time Social Data: Color-coded statuses indicate residents' availability for socializing, need for assistance, or participation in events.

  • User-Friendly: Touch-based operation and voice activation ensure accessibility for all.

  • Multiple Platforms: The system can be expanded to include larger central maps and individual unit displays.

Social Terrain empowers residents to initiate connections, combat loneliness, and build a stronger sense of belonging within their community. By simply glancing at the map, individuals can easily identify who is available for interaction, needs help, or is participating in communal activities.

While initially designed for tiny home communities, Social Terrain has broad applications in senior living facilities, medical housing, planned communities, and dormitories. Its’ potential to enhance social connection and well-being is vast.

Intense 48-Hour Competition

The Make48 competition, filmed at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub at Winrock International, challenged eight talented teams to brainstorm, design, and create brand-new prototypes within a tight 48-hour timeframe. The Delta School's passion and ingenuity secured them the $10,000 grand prize and a unique handmade trophy.

Local makers and experts, including the AR Innovation Hub team and past tool techs, supported the participants throughout the competition, assisting with their prototypes. The event was a true showcase of innovation and collaboration, with teams from various regions competing for the top spot.

The winning team posing with the hosts of Make48 and Innovation Hub
Amy Gray, Errin Stanger, The Delta School Team, Adam Kittrell and Jay Flores

Watch the Full Season

Don't miss the exciting journey of these talented teams! Catch the full episodes of Make48 Season 7 Nationals at

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