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Make48 Welcomes Jimmy DiResta Back To Kansas City

Jimmy DiResta, the master craftsman and an inspiration to Makers, will attend the Make48 National competition this month. Jimmy is the original YouTube diy’er who uses his own, unique storytelling to spread the spirit of craftsmanship. With nearly 2M+ subscribers on his YouTube channel, Jimmy builds most projects and creates the video content on his New York farm with a small crew.

Jimmy has made a name for himself with his inventiveness and workshop skills. The seasoned Maker grew up in a workshop, and was raised to experiment and learn through problem-solving, from his father, a Long Island handyman.

Today, Jimmy has over 40 years of experience designing, building, and solving problems. The master Maker is known for his ability to fabricate in an impressive array of materials. He has appeared in numerous television shows including; Hammered with John & Jimmy DiResta (HGTV), Trash to Cash (FX Network), Dirty Money (Discovery), ‘Making It’ (NBC) and most recently Making Fun on Netflix, where he builds pointless, but funny, kid inventions.

The New York-based designer loves to educate and inspire others to create their own projects. Prior to the pandemic, Jimmy co-hosted the fourth season of Make48 with Xyla Foxlin in 2020 and sat on the judges panel at the 2018 Baltimore event. We’re thrilled that he will be returning to Make48 to work with the tool techs and help the teams fabricate their ideas.

Learn more about Jimmy DiResta and his workshop at and follow him at YouTube Instagram Facebook TOH Makers Channel

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