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Purdue-Polytechnic Anderson Sizzle: A Weekend of Innovation and Collaboration

Stellar Image Studios has captured the excitement of the most recent Make48 competition held at Purdue Polytechnic Anderson in an engaging 3-minute sizzle video.

This year's competition, sponsored by the City of Anderson, witnessed seven teams battle it out in a high-stakes challenge to design and build portable, foldable outdoor furniture concepts. The stakes were high as the top two winning teams earned the privilege to represent their city at the national level, competing at The Innovation Hub in North Little Rock, AR, this November.

Make48 ventured into new territory by launching their FIRST 48-hour competition at Purdue Polytechnic Anderson. The challenge sponsor, the City of Anderson, tasked the participating teams with creating innovative outdoor furniture solutions. These concepts needed to be portable, foldable, and adaptable to various scenarios such as tailgating, camping, fishing, and local sports events. This challenging task pushed the teams' creativity and technical skills to the limit.

Purdue Polytechnic Anderson (PPA), a hub of technological innovation and learning, made an ideal host location. Under the leadership of individuals like Lorri Barnett, Curt Grams, Jeff Heiking, Kris Beck, David Riegle, Fay Barber-Dansby and Drew Oakley, PPA provided an exceptional environment for the competition to unfold. Their unwavering support and dedication were crucial in making the event a success.

Seven teams, each armed with unique ideas and talents, competed over the course of the weekend. From brainstorming to prototyping, they were guided by skilled tool techs, mentors, and enthusiastic volunteers. The competition also received a boost from local companies, organizations and indivduals such as Purdue U., Bankable, Ice Miller LLP, Reynolds Farm Equipment, The DeBruce Foundation, Fastenal, ShopBot Tools, Lincoln Electric, Brodbeck Ironworks, Hurco Companies, Inc, Wooden Whiskers Trading Co., Morii, SimWorks, Project Build Stuff, Kendall Leonhard, Caleb Stoeffler and Tim Long. This collaborative effort highlighted the power of partnerships in fostering innovation.

The top two teams will be unveiled in September, following the final competition of the year. The anticipation for this announcement is palpable, as these winners will secure their spots to represent their city on the national stage in North Little Rock, AR.

With the support of PPA's leadership, local companies, mentors, and volunteers, the teams rose to the challenge and delivered outstanding prototypes. As the winners prepare to be revealed in September, the event's Purdue-Polytechnic Anderson sizzle video offers a glimpse into the intense creativity and dedication that characterized this remarkable competition. Watch the sizzle at

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