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What Are Your Agilities? The DeBruce Foundation Addresses the Changing Landscape of Higher Education

Have you ever wondered what your true calling is? Make48 events celebrate the Makers in all of us and are designed from a core belief that: “Everyone has a great idea.” Participants collaborate with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, artists and innovators to create a product in 48 hours. The DeBruce Foundation have been great partners and supporters of the competitions. They believe experiences like Make48 allow individuals to grow their Agilities, and in turn, use them at multiple places of industries. Due to Make48’s unique events, many who participate at our competitions explore things that they may not have experienced before. We’ve had a record number of Tool Techs, many still in high school or college and participating in these experiences gives them a whole new outlook on a number of skills.

What exactly IS an agility? An agility is a skill that you have and are good at AND that you like to do. There are 10 main skills that everyone uses for EVERY career they could have. You may have a skill for Operating Objects but if you don’t LIKE to do it, it’s just a skill NOT an agility.

The DeBruce Foundation enjoys connecting with the maker community and that connection is at the heart of the Agile Work Profiler. The Agile Work Profiler© is a top-of-the-line FREE tool that can help jumpstart anyone's career, regardless of where they are in their career path. Many individuals find a new skill or two they want to learn at Make48 events. Teams, Tool Techs, and the Make48 team have taken the free assessment to see what our strongest Agilities are. We even displayed them around nationals.

The DeBruce Foundation is a Kansas City organization that expands career pathways from individuals to companies in the face of the ever changing world of work and we're excited to celebrate a major milestone with our partner! The Foundation’s Agile Work Profiler© has been completed over 100,000 times, meaning more people than ever have a better understanding of their career Agilities - the intersection of their skills and interests.

This incredible achievement is a testament to the value and impact of the Foundation's work in the career resiliency space. Make48 recently held their national competition in Kansas City. DeBruce’s Ann Zimmerman (special projects consultant) and Kristie Larson (strategic relationship manager) spoke at the VIP presentation on the foundation’s latest initiatives, education practices, goals for their Work Profiler© tools and the partnership between our programs.

Ann Zimmerman, Kristie Larson and Amy Gray

Don't miss out on the opportunity to unlock your full career potential. Join the 100,000 individuals who have already completed the Agile Work Profiler© and discover your career Agilities today. It can help you identify new industries and understand the skills you need to hone to succeed in those industries. When used in conjunction with the Foundation's Career Explorer tools, the Agile Work Profiler© can give you a major advantage in your career search and applications.

Join the movement and find the career you want. Take the free Agile Work Profiler© today.

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