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Purdue Polytechnic


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We're bringing Make48 to this world-class facility in 2023!

Make48 is a 48-hour competition where teams are presented with a challenge and tasked to build a physical prototype, create a sales sheet, produce a 1-minute marketing video and pitch their big idea to a panel of judges. 


This summer, Make48 will host the competition at Purdue Polytechnic in Anderson, IN. With access to expert tool technicians and high-tech equipment, competing teams will have the power to build almost anything.


For this challenge, collaboration is the key to success. Many people have big ideas but few possess the resources to develop a prototype that turns them into reality. To build anything, different skills, materials and equipment must work together to create a final product. Make48 allows this process to be achieved with a fun, fast-paced, and educational event. First place team wins $2000 and advances to the nationals in November 2023.

The 12,000-square-foot makerspace at Purdue Polytechnic Anderson is broken up into a 3D printing lab, woodworking shop, metal fabrication area, weld shop and design room. While designed as a lab space for Purdue students, this facility also attracts small business owners and inventors who may not have all the tools they need or who have outgrown their at-home work space. Smaller manufacturers are the future, and the availability of this specialized equipment can take inventions from paper to reality. In particular, the makerspace is good for artisans and craftspeople wanting to increase their production. They can use the space and its collection of tools to build prototypes at a reasonable cost. The space also lends itself to fun community events and a destination for families.

Event Date: July 21-23, 2023


Team Application

We’re seeking diverse teams to compete at Make48 Purdue Polytechnic Anderson. Team members may be of any age, but each team must have at least someone 18+. The spirit of innovation is within us all - let’s see what you’re capable of creating! 

First place team wins $2000 and advances to the nationals in November 2023.

Applications are now CLOSED


Sponsor The Event

Make48 is made possible with generous support from our sponsors. Celebrate the maker-mindset and engage with your community in an impactful way by sponsoring this event. A variety of investment levels are available.



Tool-Tech Application

Tool-Techs are essential for competing teams to achieve success. Offer your expertise and professional skill by volunteering your time as a Tool-Tech. 



Volunteer Application

The energy of these dynamic events is contagious and to execute them flawlessly we need your help! Volunteer to support the event in a number of ways from helping with setup to registering teams as they arrive.


Our Proud Sponsors

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