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2022 Supporters of Make48 City Series

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Following a successful 2021 City Series, Make48 is heading into twice as many locations in 2022. We are so grateful for the support from our sponsors who generously donate and invest in our vision. Their sponsorship is integral to making a difference in the Maker community and gives us the necessary foundation to create and launch the 48-hour competition events at makerspaces across the country.

Many of the businesses on this list have been friends and supporters of Make48 for many years. They have donated money, equipment, time and their services to help keep people inventing, innovating and collaborating. They continue to make a difference in communities by their generous support and continue to fulfill our mission of building an ecosystem of inventors, makers and entrepreneurs in numerous cities.

Chris Burns with ShopBot CNC in Madison, WI

One of our longest-running supporters is ShopBot Tools, Inc. ShopBot designs, manufactures and distributes CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) routers for milling, drilling, and cutting of wood, plastic, metals and other materials -- powerfully, precisely, and affordably. Since the first season ShopBot has provided tools and expert technicians; Chris Burns, Gordon Bergfors, and Sallye Coyle to assist contestants as tool techs. Next week we'll be adding Alex Hardison to that list of alumni tool techs. ShopBot is one of the largest producers of digital fabrication equipment for small-to-mid sized manufacturing, DIY, and education markets. The company also provides unparalleled support for its user community with forums, production support services, and specialized training classes.

ShopBot's array of CNC routers are used in prototyping, full production cutting, carving, machining, and milling in a variety of materials, including wood, MDF, plastics, foams, and soft metals. The full line of tools from ShopBot is oriented to be used for both standard and specialty operations. ShopBot's CNC tools are affordable yet deliver professional power and precision associated with heavier and more expensive CNC equipment. All ShopBot tools are designed, built in, and supported from ShopBot’s Durham, NC headquarters.

Greg from Onshape at Nationals

Teams and tool techs are using Make48’s exclusive computer-aided design (CAD) tool, PTC’s Onshape®. Onshape combines CAD with data management and real-time collaboration tools, enabling engineers and manufacturers to improve their design processes to make better and more innovative products. Designers and engineers can access their documents from anywhere, on any device, eliminating the data risks associated with file-based CAD software and accelerating time to market. PTC will provide licenses of Onshape to support Make48’s nationwide competition series and educational initiatives.

Travis Putman, Make48 Tool Tech and Mechanical Engineer, saw many benefits. “The main advantage of Onshape is that it does not require a fancy expensive computer to run. Simply open a browser on any computer or install the app on a mobile device and the user is up and running. As the teams and techs start creating models, they can easily be shared with others to make it super easy to collaborate on ideas and make their prototypes. With everyone using Onshape, there will not be any compatibility issues that can happen between different CAD packages. Everyone will be working from the same up-to-the-minute data, so getting the right version of their parts created will be a great advantage.” Request a free trial today

Char Miller-King with Restorer at Indianapolis event

Robert Kundel Jr. is the inventor of The Restorer, a versatile and patented handheld and benchtop tool that can be used to buff, sand, grind, polish, scrub or clean any surface. The tool refinishes and re-purposes wood, metal, concrete and fiberglass for new projects or to reinvigorate an old project.

The efficient handheld tool has been very popular among our tool techs. Robert was a supporter early last year, and has sponsored multiple maker tool techs as well. The state-of-the-art tool allows any DIY’er to explore new possibilities with reclaimed furniture, old metal, wood sculpting, and brick cleaning. People love the Restorer, and it shows in the testimonials from professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It's the tool you never knew you needed. To learn more about The Restorer and its history visit

Eric (l) and John Kuiphoff (r) with Glowforge

What can’t you create on a Glowforge? The ultimate laser cutting and engraving machine allows any user to create on hundreds of surfaces. Glowforge can cut hardwoods, plywoods, acrylic, paper, fabric, leather, and more. Plus, Glowforge can engrave glass, stone, ceramics, metals, and even food!

Glowforge built an incredibly powerful and versatile creative technology – laser cutting and engraving – available to everyone. It's the only product on the market that can take your idea from sketch to final product in minutes. This allows Glowforge creators to do more than ever before. You don’t need to be a machinist or aerospace engineer or CAD master to use Glowforge, unlike pretty much any other product with a laser inside. The software just works, no matter how you like to design. You can create printable designs in your favorite software, whether that’s Illustrator or CAD or even MS Paint. Heck, you can even use a pen and paper – your Glowforge does the rest.

Glowforge is a Seattle-based consumer technology company that created the first consumer 3D laser printer for the home. For more information, please visit

Ethan Carter and OFA Tools in Hartford

OLFA® introduced the world’s first snap-off cutter in 1956, transforming how contractors, painters and DIYers work. Our teams and tool techs used OLFA’s cutting tools and boards throughout Make48’s city series last year. Maker Ethan Carter used the OLFA rotary cutter at the Hartford event and became obsessed with the brand.

Their product line is vast and is divided into three craftsman categories; Professional-grade OLFA tools (construction, maintenance repair/operations and speciality categories), Craft OLFA (DIY projects including; art, paper crafting, quilting, sewing, etc.) and OLFA Safety tools (safety knives). Developed and manufactured in Japan, OLFA is proud of the unwavering commitment to quality that goes into every product it makes. OLFA took the simple concept further and enhanced the quality of the blade and ergonomically designed the grip to ensure the user with confidence that they have a high quality OLFA cutting tool within their grip. Visit to learn more about the best made cutting tools and products.

Wagner is a spray tech company that develops a wide range of products to make DIYers and homeowners projects easier, including paint sprayers, stain sprayers, heat guns, rollers, steamers and more. Wagner paint and stain sprayers make it easy to apply a nice, smooth finish on woodworking and DIY projects without having to worry about brush marks. Their heat guns are often used for resin artwork, wood burning, bending pipes, removing stickers, thawing/melting objects and so much more. Whatever project you have planned, Wagner tools are great to have in your workshop!

With a passion for quality and innovation, Wagner has been a leading international manufacturer of paint sprayers and was recently listed as one of the top 100 innovative companies of 2021 (link). Wagner has been a strong supporter of Make48’s City Series. With only 48 hours in the competition, Wagner’s painting and spraying capabilities help the makers complete painting projects faster and more efficiently. Teams love the advantages of having the Wagner product line to utilize on their products and create final touches to their prototypes and projects.

Wagner has many amazing tools to offer and they’re always coming out with new and exciting products. Head to their website

Anika Gandhi with Kreg Tools in Madison, WI.

Since their humble beginning in 1989, the Kreg name has become synonymous with pocket-hole joinery. The Kreg Tool Company began with a kitchen cabinet and a question: “How do you attach a face frame to a cabinet so the joint can be hidden from view?” The answer changed the way thousands of woodworkers join wood. For over 30 years, Kreg Tool has been proudly helping customers experience those benefits firsthand. They are passionate about providing tools that give you a sense of accomplishment from every project you complete and will be there for you every step of the way.

Kreg has been a big supporter of Make48’s competitions where contestants discover what is possible in 48 hours. The second-generation owned company is deeply committed to supporting all types of trade-based learning. They create solutions that give woodworkers and DIY’ers the confidence to create their own projects by making them approachable and fun. For more information or inspiration, visit or call 800-447-8638.

Black Diamond Pigments

Black Diamond Pigments is a professional grade mica pigment that’s ideal for an array of art projects. The multipurpose DIY arts and craft additive can be used in river resin tables, woodworking, soaps, creating cosmetics, candles, jewelry, lacquer and much more. Pigments come in a variety of vibrant colors that provide the perfect opaque or transparent effect. Black Diamond Pigments provided materials for Make48 teams and Makers to create with at our competition. These high-quality, pigment powders will add richness to any project!

Christopher Downer founded the company in 2016 in his garage while doing large scale epoxy flooring installs as well as individual art pieces. Black Diamond Pigments was created by artists for artists, and they continue to release new, amazing colors that epoxy resin artists rightfully swarm to. Artists, Makers, Slimers and DIY creators using their pigments create lustrous color to their casting resins. Black Diamond Pigments has also teamed up with Make-A-Wish offering an entire line of pigments in 42g sizes where the entire purchase price is donated directly to The Make-A-Wish Foundation. Visit their collection of pigments at

Royce with Airgas (at Nationals)

Airgas is the leading single-source supplier of gas, welding equipment & supplies, and safety products. The company has grown organically, and through more than 500 acquisitions, has become one of the largest U.S. distribution networks in the packaged gas industry.

Brian Blackwood, Area Vice President, Airgas Mid South, notes, "Airgas continually innovates to better serve our customers and we love to see what our customers create, innovate and bring from concept to reality. We are excited to support Make48 this year and look forward to seeing what the teams come up with next and how we can help!"

With more than 1,400+ locations, Airgas can be found in all 50 states. Whether customers create, build, care, serve or sustain, Airgas’ comprehensive portfolio of products and services — backed by a network of specialists with expertise in specialty gasses, bulk gasses, welding and manufacturing, healthcare, food production, safety and on-site supply chain management — helps customers innovate every day. Shop their collection

Lucas D'Angelo and Lincoln Electric

With over a century of experience, Lincoln Electric is a great example of a sponsor expanding its support in the Maker community. We are thrilled to have them continue that partnership entering the new year. Lincoln Electric believes in supporting education at many levels including organizations that teach welding and the skilled trades. Through its partnership with Make48, Lincoln Electric aims to inspire young people, creators and Makers, on the latest technologies involving safety, quality, and productivity.

Renowned as The Welding Experts®, Lincoln Electric’s solutions are used across diverse industry sectors in over 160 countries. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Lincoln Electric operates 55 manufacturing locations in 18 countries. Lincoln Electric offers everything you need for your welding & cutting, filler metals, automation, weld fume control and safety & ppe needs. With a century of involvement in welding training, Lincoln Electric offers the industry’s most comprehensive welding education for today’s welder.

Founder Ryan Brodbeck at Nationals

Brodbeck Ironworks is your stop for the most quality tools and machinery for bladesmiths, blacksmiths, woodworkers and more. Make48 has teamed up with the owners, Ryan and Vince, who are passionate about what they do, and it shows. Pros are loving their custom tooling line, grinders, belts and other hand-forged items. Their versatile 2x72 grinder is designed with user friendliness and functionality in mind, without sacrificing quality.

With a customer base that ranges from beginner hobbyists to professionals to businesses and schools, the tool line can be used for any type of material shaping and finishing. Their company currently sells to knife makers, woodworkers, metal fabricators, jewelers and more.” Today, the Brodbeck Ironworks grinder has been designed with more features and functionality than any other grinder on the market today at an affordable price.

The Brodbeck team continues to evolve and develop new products to better serve their customers, with the goal to provide customers the highest value and design quality. A must-have for any knife maker, make sure to check them out at

Mike Mills, President Jamestown Distributors & TotalBoat

TotalBoat has turned boat restoration into a tool for anyone to use at home. The Bristol, Rhode Island company has created the most comprehensive lineup for marine repair solutions and what started out as a durable repair product line for boats and craftsmen, has grown to include a range of expert solutions for Makers under Jamestown Distributors.

From seascape artists to DIY creators, TotalBoat has revolutionized epoxy resin, and has a product line that includes epoxy, resins, varnish, paint, adhesives, more. There has been a popularity boost of epoxy resin in woodworking with DIYers trying their hand at projects large and small. TotalBoat has built their brand into a company you can trust and count on. From building relationships among local builders, makers and DIY enthusiasts, and created from years of extensive boat knowledge, the Jamestown Distributor product line has you covered for your next DIY project.

If you’ve never worked with resin before where should you go? TotalBoat has got you covered. Visit their blog, Which Epoxy Should I Use For My Project for helpful resources. Whether you’re building a project, fixing an item or making something creative, there’s something for everyone.

Fastenal volunteers unloading locker at Madison Event

The largest fastener distributor in North America hails from Winona, Minnesota. Fastenal was founded in the late 60’s, distributing threaded fasteners to businesses in other small nearby cities. Fast forward to today, and Fastenal now operates in approximately 3,200 in-market locations (a combination of public branches and customer-specific onsites), each providing custom inventory and a dedicated sales team to support local customers.

Their customers span a spectrum of industries, sizes, and profiles – from local fabricators, contractors, and K-12 schools, to global manufacturers, national construction companies, retail and e-commerce giants, and major hospitals and universities. The common themes are collaboration and customization, engaging at the local level to execute programs that align with the customer’s unique needs and goals.

Today, Fastenal is many things to many different customers, an expert consultant, a logistics company, a technology provider, and more generally a distributor of wide-ranging industrial and construction products. These aspects of service share a common foundation: great people, close to customers.

Luis Rodriguez 3d printing at Maker Series

Ultimaker 3D printers are powerful, fine-tuned 3D printers that make producing beautiful 3D printed parts not only easy, but reliable and repeatable as well. From prototypes to manufacturing aids to end-use parts, Ultimaker 3D printers are ideal for a range of applications and deliver the quality results you need. Whether you want one-click printing from CAD or to prepare your print to the finest detail – their software tools fit any workflow, with easy print management via the cloud.

The Ultimaker series of 3D printers include a variety of features: dependable single extrusion, precise dual extrusion for large-format, complex parts - plus, the addition of upgrades and accessories like CC Print Cores, the Material Handling Station, and Air Manager make the Ultimaker line a manufacturing and prototyping powerhouse

Take control of your workflow and discover the diverse 3D printing possibilities with Ultimaker.. Learn how designers, engineers, architects, and educators use Ultimaker’s entire 3D printing system to drive in-house innovation.

Joel Gordon is Matterhackers Senior Solutions Specialist

MatterHackers was founded by people with a serious passion for technology that helps you make things. With this deep-rooted dedication, they wanted to make the process of digital fabrication more accessible, giving educators, engineers, manufacturers, small businesses and tinkerers the power to make anything.

MatterHackers offers the largest varieties of industry-leading 3D printers, DIY laser cutters, CNC mills, accessories, and materials - all of which have been tested and approved by their in-house experts. Ranging in machines best suited for aerospace engineering to simple plug-and-play printers for beginners, the MatterHackers team can help find the best solution for your digital fabrication needs.

Every item has been rigorously tested by the engineers and support team at MatterHackers, and they don’t carry anything they don’t trust. With lots of products to choose from, Matterhackers experts can help you find something that fits your niche. A new filament, a second 3D printer, or an upgrade to your hotend - you name it, they have it!

Article Updated on September 6, 2022

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