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48 Hours of Innovation: MSOE We Energies STEM Center Hosts Make48 Competition

Updated: Jun 12

The countdown has begun for the 2024 Make48 competition, set to ignite the Milwaukee School of Engineering's (MSOE) We Energies STEM Center this September 20-22. Eight teams of ambitious high school students will embark on a whirlwind 48-hour innovation challenge, where creativity, problem-solving, and rapid prototyping skills will be put to the ultimate test.

MSOE We Energies STEM Center 

The We Energies STEM Center at MSOE, known for its state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to hands-on learning, provides the perfect backdrop for this intense competition. The center is Milawuakee’s premier STEM destination for K-12 students. 

The 10,000-square-foot STEM Center is equipped with cutting-edge technology and expert mentors. It features a flexible technology studio, design and development lab, machine tooling area, and a FIRST Robotics playing field for teams to practice on a regulation field before they compete. 

We Energies STEM Center empowers students to transform their ideas into tangible prototypes and offers endless opportunities for Milwaukee’s youth to explore, create and get hooked on STEM. 

The MSOE-Make48 Challenge

Teams will receive a surprise challenge at the start of the competition, requiring them to design, build, and pitch a prototype within the 48-hour timeframe. The stakes are high, with the winning team walking away with a $2,000 grand prize, custom handmade trophy,  and the opportunity to represent MSOE at the Make48 Nationals in Kansas City later this fall.

There, they will face off against top teams from across the country, vying for the national title.

Adding to the excitement, each team will be sponsored by a prominent local company, providing additional guidance and resources. The impressive lineup of sponsors includes JP Cullen, Harley-Davidson, Generac, Milwaukee Tool, Rockwell Automation, Husco International, ATC (American Transmission Company), and Northwestern Mutual. 

This unique partnership offers students invaluable exposure to real-world industry challenges and potential career pathways.

Stay Tuned

The Make48 competition is more than just a race against the clock. It's a celebration of ingenuity, teamwork, and the power of STEM education. As these young innovators push their limits, they'll not only develop critical skills but also discover the thrill of bringing their ideas to life.

Stay tuned for updates as the competition unfolds. We'll be following the teams' progress, highlighting their innovative solutions, and capturing the excitement of this one-of-a-kind event. Don't miss the chance to witness the future of invention as it takes shape at the MSOE STEM Center!

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