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Airgas® Delivers Value, Service and Innovation | Make48 Supporter

Make48 is an extraordinary opportunity for so many, due to the contributions of individuals and businesses that support the initiative of our competition. Our sponsors have been recognized as advocates for innovation, inventive thinking, hands-on learning and the entrepreneurial spirit to create solutions.

Airgas®, an Air Liquide company, is one of the nation’s leading single-source suppliers of gases, welding and safety products. Dedicated to improving the performance of its more than 1 million customers, Airgas understands industry challenges customers face.

Throughout the last 40 years, Airgas has acquired nearly 520 companies and has dynamically evolved while maintaining steadfast commitment to customers and associates. In 2016, the Air Liquide acquisition of Airgas officially closed, bringing together two highly complementary businesses to deliver greater value, service and innovation to customers. Airgas is constantly innovating to help its customers improve the productivity of their business and stay competitive, build solutions together, increase quality, enhance safety and improve the sustainability of their products and operations.

Brian Blackwood, Area Vice President, Airgas Mid South, notes, “Airgas continually innovates to better serve our customers and we love to see what our customers create, innovate and bring from concept to reality. We are excited to support Make48 this year and look forward to seeing what the teams come up with next and how we can help!”

With more than 1,400+ locations, Airgas can be found in all 50 states. Whether customers create, build, care, serve or sustain, Airgas’ comprehensive portfolio of products and services — backed by a network of specialists with expertise in specialty gases, bulk gases, welding and manufacturing, healthcare, food production, safety and on-site supply chain management — helps customers innovate every day.

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Therman Scott
Therman Scott
Mar 25, 2022


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