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Alliant Energy Fosters Innovation With Make48

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Alliant Energy is Beloit’s Challenge sponsor next month. Based in Wisconsin, the utility company provides regulated electric and natural gas services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in parts of Iowa and Wisconsin.

This is the third year that Alliant Energy is involved with a Make48 competition, but the first year it will call the challenge. The challenge theme for this competition is "Panels to Planet/Repower with Purpose." Eight teams will be competing to create brand new prototypes for Alliant Energy, aimed at pushing the boundaries of solar panel technology and sustainability. The specific criteria and additional information about the challenge will be revealed to the teams at the start of the competition.

Alliant Energy's commitment to innovation and community engagement is evident in its initiatives and programs. The company recognizes the importance of clean and sustainable energy sources and has made significant investments in renewable energy projects such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric power.

“We are proud to sponsor Beloit’s Challenge and excited to call the competition this year,” said Julie Bauer, executive director of Alliant Energy’s Foundation. “We take great pride in engaging with customers, communities, investing in innovation and elevating interest in STEM fields. Collectively, it adds up to creating a positive impact in the communities we proudly serve.”

The Make48 competition will provide a platform for Beloit teams to showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills within a 48-hour timeframe. Teams will learn of the challenge when they gather at The Lincoln Academy on August 11th. From there they will have 48 hours to brainstorm, research, design and create a working prototype.

It’s fitting that Alliant Energy is calling the challenge. Innovation and customer engagement partnerships are key aspects of Alliant Energy's approach. The company actively seeks feedback and input from its customers to drive innovation and develop new programs and services. Additionally, Alliant Energy supports technology startups and organizations to foster innovation through partnerships and projects.

Alliant Energy's commitment to building stronger communities and corporate social responsibility is admiral. The company has been named to Newsweek's list of America's Most Responsible Companies for three consecutive years, acknowledging its dedication to good causes and support for diversity in its workforce. Alliant Energy invests in pipeline programs and initiatives that help adults and kids learn the fundamental skills they need to grow into successful careers. Some examples are STEM initiatives, workforce development, agriculture, literacy, transportation, and youth mentoring and development programs.The company's initiatives, such as the development of a graphic novel series called "The Power Chronicles," aim to inspire and engage students in STEM learning.

Through their collaboration with technical colleges, Alliant Energy ensures that individuals are equipped with the necessary skills and resources to pursue careers in the energy industry. By strengthening workforce development and creating learning opportunities, the company aims to contribute to the growth of qualified professionals in the region.

Alliant Energy's commitment to innovation, renewable energy, customer engagement, community-based initiatives, and education programs showcases their dedication to making a positive impact, supporting local communities, and working towards a sustainable future. It will be exciting to witness the challenge and see the teams tackle it to find innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.

For more information about Alliant Energy visit them at website

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