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Black Diamond Pigments was founded by ARTISTS for ARTISTS

Black Diamond Pigments is the sparkle you need to add to any project. The professional grade mica pigment is ideal for an array of art projects. The multipurpose DIY arts and craft additive can be used in river resin tables, woodworking, soaps, creating cosmetics, candles, lacquer and much more.

Pigments come in a variety of vibrant colors that provide the perfect tint. Black Diamond Pigments provided materials for Make48 teams and Makers to create with at our competitions. Below, Maker Dre Fandetti shows off all the bright colors as well as on her Instagram. These high-quality, pigments powders will add richness to any project!

The special pigment is composed of mica powders coated with various organic and inorganic pigments to create pearlescent and iridescent effects that mimic the natural look of stone and marble formations. They can be added to any clear epoxy to create an incredible color or these pigments turn to a pastel color if added to a white or gray base.

To use Black Diamond in epoxy, use 1-8g per oz depending on the pigment and the level of transparency desired and stir for the entire time recommended by the resin manufacturer. Go with less than what you think you need as you can always add more. This method works well for powders that are finely ground or don't have a tendency to clump together like glitters for resin. Changing the resin color is easy, and only requires a little bit to achieve results. If you are a fan of river table videos, chances are you have seen the pigment in action. These pigments make life easy by simply stirring directly into your epoxy resin flow art, wood inlays, resin castings.

Christopher Downer founded the company in 2016 in his garage while doing large scale epoxy flooring installs as well as individual art pieces. Black Diamond Pigments was created by artists for artists, and they continue to release new, amazing colors that epoxy resin artists rightfully swarm to. Artists, Makers, Slimers and DIY creators using their pigments create lustrous color to their casting resins. Black Diamond Pigments has also teamed up with Make-A-Wish offering an entire line of pigments in 42g sizes where the entire purchase price is donated directly to The Make-A-Wish Foundation. Visit their collection of pigments at

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