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Celebrate National Kid Inventors Day on Janaury 17th

On January 17th, the world celebrates National Kid Inventors Day. It’s a day where we celebrate students who dared to defy the world and come up with better solutions than all of the adults before them. The annual holiday falls on Benjamin Franklin’s birthday, who was just 11 years old when he invented swimming fins.

Thousands of inventive students, around the globe, are creating innovative solutions to real world problems and making the world a better place. Visit STEM organizations, such as the Invention Convention Worldwide (ICW), a hands-on preK-12 experience educational organization within The Henry Ford museum, a 90-year old internationally recognized cultural destination that is a force for sparking curiosity and inspiring tomorrow’s innovators.

Educational programs, such as ICW, train students in problem solving, entrepreneurship and creativity skills through real-world invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship learning and allows a gateway of exploration.

How can you celebrate? Getting students involved in STEM activities helps develop the mindset of makers and innovative thinking, which can carry over in many aspects of their everyday life. Read about your favorite inventors. Sign up to be a Makerspace member. Engage with organizations, from summer camps to afterschool programs to STEM kits, and let your little one's imaginations run as they invent new solutions to problems faced by people around the world.


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