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Make48 Competition This Weekend At The Lincoln Academy

Excitement is building as Make48 arrives in Beloit, WI for the 3rd City Series competition of the year! The event will take place at The Lincoln Academy (TLA), a renowned institution dedicated to providing an ideal learning environment for participants. Teams will gather at TLA's well-equipped learning space, which boasts an impressive array of tools, equipment, and materials to fuel their creativity and innovation.

Make48 letters in front of the Lincoln Academy
The Lincoln Academy

The challenge theme for this competition is "Panels to Planet/Repower with Purpose." Eight teams will be competing to create brand new prototypes for Alliant Energy, aimed at pushing the boundaries of solar panel technology and sustainability. The specific criteria and additional information about the challenge will be revealed to the teams at the start of the competition.

The teams will receive support from various companies and educational institutions in Beloit. Expert tool technicians, mentors and volunteers will help the teams get through this weekend. Tool Techs and Volunteers will be coming from companies such as; Alliant Energy, ShopBot Tools, Fastenal, ABC Supply, Hendricks Commercial Properties, Fairbanks Morse, Kerry Ingredients, Corporate Contractors, Inc., Visit Beloit, Hidden Creek Estates, First National Bank and Trust, NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, Blackhawk Bank, Harris Ace Hardware, BioForward, Blain's Farm & Fleet, Mid-States Concrete, and Wet & Forget USA. Volunteers and techs will also come from several education institutions in Beloit including; The Lincoln Academy, Beloit College, and Black Hawk Technical College.

To ensure that the teams' ideas do not infringe on existing patents, patent attorney Paul Donovan will be present at the competition. His expertise will help safeguard the originality of the prototypes.

A crucial part of the competition is the hardware run to Harris Ace Hardware. Each team will have $200 and one hour to gather necessary supplies to build their prototypes. Harris Ace Hardware is well-stocked with a wide range of products that will aid in the successful creation of the teams' prototypes.

The stakes are high for the winning teams from Beloit. They will not only receive a cash prize of $2,000 but also advance to compete in Season 7 of Make48. The event will be filmed and produced into a 3-minute highlight reel, along with a 27-minute episode that will air on the 'This Old House' Makers Channel on Roku (channel 458).

For real-time updates and behind-the-scenes action, be sure to follow Make48 on Instagram. The countdown has begun, and participants are gearing up for an exciting and challenging weekend of creativity and innovation at The Lincoln Academy. Stay tuned to witness the brilliance and ingenuity of these talented teams as they strive to make a difference in the field of solar energy.

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