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Disrupting Industries with AR/VR Technology With Luke Levene

Luke Levene got into augmented reality and virtual reality back in 2014. He was an early adopter to build both hardware and software to disrupt the real estate industry. Today, he is the Vice President at XR Applied Technologies, a leader in VR and AR integration.

Luke speaks to Mako Design + Invent on how inventors, startups, and small manufacturers can think about integrating AR and VR, and how they can educate and sell new technologies in emerging markets. Many of these lessons are relevant for any type of product that is new or disrupting an industry, as most hardware inventions aspire to do.

Today you will hear Luke and Kevin Mako talk about:

  • Using virtual reality and augmented reality in consumer product development for invention ideas.

  • VR/AR improves collaboration, experimentation, and imagination

  • How to sell disruptive technologies and inventions in established old industries like Luke did with early VR/AR technology.

Episode Links:

Luke Levene / XR Applied Technologies Links:

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Kevin Mako Links:

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