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Gridlock Table Revolutionizes Workspaces, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

The Gridlock Table, a versatile and adaptable work surface, favored by our Make48 makers, is set to transform workshops and job sites across the country. Mark Miller, one of the table's creators and a seasoned carpenter and contractor for 40 years, drew inspiration from his son's Legos to design a solution for the lack of optimal work surfaces on construction sites.

A man is using a hand tool on top of a Gridlock Table
Gridlock Table, a revolutionary concept in portable work tables.

After a few challenges and five working iterations, the Gridlock Table was born. Gridlock offers a sturdy, customizable platform that can be easily assembled and disassembled, saving time and reducing strain on builders. “The natural progression after that was the addition of the adapter plate and accessories. I realized that it would be possible to have all the bench-mounted tools at your disposal on any job site.” 

The Gridlock Table's impact extends beyond professional builders, benefiting DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists with limited space. "Having the ability to bring a full woodworking shop to your site and set up and break down in minutes saves time and money," says Miller. "The Gridlock not only allows you to save time, but energy. Having the table off the ground saves a lot of unwanted injuries, bending down and up." Its adaptability allows for a wide range of projects, from woodworking to crafting, to be completed efficiently and comfortably.

To launch the Gridlock Table, Miller partnered with CrowdCrux, a crowdfunding consultancy specializing in connecting inventors with their target audience. "Delegation is key to success, and I am very confident in the ability of CrowdCrux to get the job done," says Miller.

With the support of CrowdCrux and its founder, Salvador Briggman, the Gridlock Table Indiegogo campaign aims to raise funds and awareness for this innovative product. "Ask yourself if you would rather work with the Gridlock System or ignore innovation and continue to use primitive and archaic products that not only slow you down but are also potentially dangerous," challenges Miller.

Mark’s aspiration for the Gridlock Table is to give the people what they want—a simple easy foundation for getting their projects completed. The Gridlock Table answers the question, where do I build it?! Not only is the Gridlock a standard table, but will come with future accessories that will make it more functional and easier. Ready to experience the Gridlock Table for yourself? Visit their Indiegogo campaign page at to learn more and support the project!

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