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Innovation in Action: The Make48 Tiny Home Prototype Challenge

We hope you've enjoyed watching the latest episodes of Make48. The seventh season showcased incredible collaboration between the teams and the North Little Rock community, as they worked together to design and build innovative prototypes solving challenges in Tiny Homes. They tackled challenges like storage, cleanliness, loneliness, and pet care, offering creative solutions for small-space living.

8 prototypes for the Tiny Home challenge
Prototypes created at the 7th National competition.

Throughout the competition, the teams consulted with experts, including architects, mentors, and tool techs to refine their designs. They also visited the construction site gaining valuable insights into the building process. Each team faced unique questions and requirements, from maximizing space to fostering a sense of community. After 48 intense hours, two teams emerged victorious.

Cameron, Bondo, Hanna, and Haskel from The Delta School were crowned the Grand Prize winners of Make48 Season 7, taking home a $10,000 prize and a custom-made trophy. The team from Indiana, Not Fast, Just Furious - Allison, Ashley, Jazmine, and Leyda - won the Social Media Award and received the "Selfie Stick" Award.

All the teams did an amazing job, impressing the judges and guests with their creative ideas. Now it's your turn to see all the prototypes created in just 48 hours!


  • Creation: Sit & Store - a multifunctional storage unit with a discreet pet kennel, secure storage, and customizable cabinets.

  • Purpose: Eases the transition from homelessness by providing storage, pet care solutions, and organizational tools.

  • Key Features: Discreet pet kennel storage, customizable cabinets, whiteboard/corkboard for organization, portable design, and space for guests.

Prototype for a functional storage kennel
Sit & Store Prototype


Sit & Store is an innovative table design that functions as a versatile piece of furniture, serving as a space for individuals or groups to gather, converse, and share meals. The table incorporates a whiteboard for reminders and notes, enhancing its practicality for everyday use.

A unique feature of the table is the built-in compartment designed to accommodate the pets of homeless individuals, providing a secure and comfortable space for their companions. In the absence of pets, this compartment can be utilized for additional storage. The table's mobility is another key aspect, featuring wheels that allow for easy transportation and flexibility in its placement. 

To enhance the dining experience, the design includes a cover for the whiteboard, creating a more relaxed atmosphere during meal times. The ultimate goal of this product is to transform lives, one piece of furniture at a time, by offering practical solutions and support for those facing housing insecurity.

Randy's Rascals

  • Creation: A Bed For Bones - a concealed toe-kick bed for pets, integrated into existing furniture.

  • 5 Key Features: 1. Pull-out bed 2. Collapsible food & water bowls 3. Food storage and preservation compartment 4. Leash/accessory interior hooks 5. Additional storage space


A Bed for Bones is a half-scale prototype designed to care for your pet in a compact space. It features a pull-out drawer that serves as a bed, locking securely in place to prevent movement. A slide-out side drawer provides access to food and water, with a food storage compartment on the side for convenient storage. 

Additionally, a spacious storage compartment accommodates various pet accessories or can be repurposed as a litter box for cats. This space-saving design ensures that leaving your pet behind is no longer necessary. 

Beyond pet care, the prototype offers alternative uses such as a trash can, storage for pots and pans, or even cookie sheets, with ample remaining space inside the cabinet for various items.

The Purple Knights 

  • Creation: Community Box Games (CBG) - a set of weather-resistant, easily interchangeable outdoor games to foster community connection.

  • Key Features: Portable, durable, eco-friendly.


Community Box Games is a unique and versatile gaming experience. Housed in a wooden box with a see-through cover, it features a magnetic backdrop that securely holds interchangeable game boards and pieces. This innovative design allows easy switching between games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect 4, Puzzles, Scrabble, and even Scavenger Hunts, without needing to remove the entire box. 

The magnetic pieces stay firmly in place during gameplay, making it convenient for individuals to take turns at their own pace, without feeling pressured by others.

 Community Box Games can be enjoyed as a handheld or tabletop activity, promoting social interaction and connection while offering a wide variety of fun and engaging games.

The Delta School

  • Creation: Social Terrain - an interactive 3D map system that fosters community connection.

  • Key Features: Larger maps for central locations, smaller units for individual homes, color-coded statuses for socializing/assistance/events, touch-based operation, voice activation, and accessibility features. Additional platforms can be available.

  • Target Market: Senior living facilities, medical housing, planned communities, dormitories, and more.

Prototype for Social Terrain Map
Prototype for Social Terrain Map


The Social Terrain Map is designed to foster social connections within communities, neighborhoods, or organizations. The map is installed in every unit within the village and each map is interconnected and displays real-time data, providing a dynamic visual representation of the social landscape.

The maps feature houses or cubes, each representing a dwelling. When residents desire solitude or "home alone time," they can activate a white light on their corresponding house. Conversely, if someone wishes to socialize, they can press a green button, indicating their openness to interaction. This real-time information helps individuals identify like-minded neighbors for activities, conversations, or shared experiences and empowers individuals to connect, engage, and build meaningful relationships with their neighbors.

The Social Terrain Map aims to combat feelings of isolation and promote a sense of belonging, even when individuals are in their homes. By glancing at the map, residents can readily identify who is available for socializing, who needs assistance, or what communal activities are taking place. 

Team Nuts & Bolts

  • Creation: The Shifting Shelf - a versatile storage solution that can be configured as a standard shelving unit or a horizontal ceiling-mounted unit.

  • Key Features: Adaptable design, maximizes space, ideal for small homes.

  • Social Impact: It is accessible to the blind, deaf, and physically disabled, with options for a retractable opening mechanism.

The Shifting Shelf prototype
The Shifting Shelf prototype


The Shifting Shelf is a unique storage solution designed to maximize space utilization. It functions as a regular shelf but can be stored on the ceiling when not in use. The small-scale model demonstrates how the shelf flips up against the ceiling, creating a seamless and unobtrusive appearance.

The final version prioritizes safety by keeping all items enclosed and protected when stored on the ceiling. To address safety concerns regarding the shelf's overhead positioning, a mechanism is implemented to ensure the shelves remain level during the shifting process. 

The Shifting Shelf offers a practical and innovative approach to storage, maximizing space efficiency while prioritizing safety and functionality.

Not Fast, Just Furious

  • Creation: Table Able - a multifunctional table with adjustable height, storage, pet area, hidden compartments, and sturdy wheels.

  • Purpose: Combines various functions for versatility in a small space.


Table Able is a versatile table designed to maximize functionality and convenience. It boasts several hidden storage compartments, including a discreet space at the back, perfect for storing pet supplies or other items. 

The removable bed reveals additional storage underneath, offering flexibility based on individual needs. It features an adjustable shelf, ideal for pet bowls or adaptable to various heights for other purposes. A drawer provides ample space to keep clutter off the floor, while a foldable tabletop creates extra space for activities like crafting.

Equipped with LED lights underneath, Table Able can be easily moved to the porch, providing a welcoming space for social interaction. With its innovative features and adaptable design, Table Able is the ideal table for pet owners, crafters, and anyone seeking a functional and inviting piece of furniture.

 It's Classified

  • Creation: C.L.E.A.N. - a state-of-the-art locker system providing cleaning supplies for those in need, particularly those transitioning into tiny homes.

  • Key Features: Braille labels, picture instructions, accessible handles, RFID tag access (no phone required), cleaning tutorial videos.

  • Purpose: Addresses the challenge of unfamiliarity with cleaning routines for individuals new to independent living.


Project CLEAN (Community Lockers Enabling Achievable Neatness) is a spy community locker system located in the kitchen and laundry building entrance of HQ. It allows agents to check out cleaning supplies using wristbands, key cards, or cellular devices. 

The accompanying app provides information on available supplies, cleaning tips, and notification reminders for building healthy habits and even sabotage. The app also alerts community workers when consumable items need refilling. 

As community members adapt to the system, additional supplies like art supplies, games, and night vision goggles will be added. The primary goals of Project CLEAN are to reduce clutter in the house and ease the transition into the spy lifestyle for new agents.

The Golden Eagles

  • Creation: Door Stash - a modular storage solution for entryways to keep belongings organized and tidy.

  • Key Features: Space for heavily used items, weather resistant and built-in seating, and wheelchair accessible.

  • Social Impact: Creates dignified job opportunities for community members through a "by neighbors, for neighbors" model.


Door Stash is a modular outdoor locker system designed to address the changing storage needs of Community First Village residents. It offers over 16 cubic feet of storage space on the porch, providing a secure location for used or bulky items outside the home. 

Based on feedback from mentors, Door Stash creates a comfortable outdoor space for residents to socialize with friends. The system's modular design allows for customization, with components like chairs and benches being interchangeable to meet individual preferences. 

The goal is to empower residents to manufacture the final product themselves, fostering a sense of ownership and community involvement. Door Stash aims to enhance organization and facilitate a smoother transition into home life for Community First Village residents.

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