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Make for Good Challenges

We’ve got a twist for you on our 48 hour competitions. This year, Make48 will team up with different makers to bring you MAKE FOR GOOD CHALLENGES. Makers will have 48 hours to build a project that will then be donated to a nonprofit, worthy cause or family/person in need.

Make48 came up with the challenge after working with many skilled Makers at multiple events over the years. Makers will create a challenge they can complete at home. The goal of the challenges is to spread support, kindness and lend a helping hand to the many who need it. Our first challenge to go live is with two Makers who we recently saw at the Hartford event, Dre Fandetti and Lucas Mann!

Lucas Mann and Dre Fandetti

Dre and Lucas kicked off the first Make For Good Challenges for an amazing child. Leila is a sweet 6-year old, who was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. On January 28th, 2022, Leila had her kidney and a THREE pound tumor removed, with a chemo port placed into her chest at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Their friend Chris, @410_forge_blacksmith, reached out to Dre and Lucas regarding his niece and asked about getting the community involved due to the financial strain on the family. With upcoming rounds of chemo treatments, Leila still has a long journey ahead of her.

The timing was perfect for Dre and Lucas to get involved. For the challenge the Makers looked to Leila’s nickname, butterfly. Head over to Etsy and go to MannMadeinMA and you will find two official Butterfly Waffle stickers, $10 or $5. On Lucas’ Etsy store, each sticker purchased will enter you into a “waffle” to support 6-year old Leila. Each sticker “waffle” has the potential to receive amazing handmade items from the Maker Community!

We'd like to give a HUGE thank you to Dre Fandetti and Lucas Mann for being our first Makers to collaborate with on this feel-good challenge. 100% of the proceeds from the sticker “waffle” will be donated directly to Leila’s family to assist with future medical bills. “Waffle” closes on 2/28/22. This is a pre-order until the fundraiser closes, and at that time stickers ordered will be shipped out.

Keep an eye out on Make48’s social media for the challenges and causes they will benefit. What worthy cause and challenge would you like to see executed next?!?

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