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Make48 Nationals | Meet the Teams Competing For Season 7

This past summer four cities held Make48 competitions - Kansas City, KS; Anderson, IN; Beloit, WI; and Bentonville, AR. These brilliant participants had the top winning ideas at their city event and will compete against each other from November 10-12th at the AR HUB at Winrock International to see who will be crowned Season 7 Make48 Champions.

NOW… Meet the teams who will compete at Nationals to win $10,000, a custom-made trophy, and get the bragging rights as the winners of Season 7!

Kansas City, KS

The new season kicked off at The Kansas State School For The Blind. KSSB hosted six teams and their captains in June. Skill & Action Toy was the challenge theme, designed by Design Edge. Teams had to follow certain criteria: it had to be a new concept, accessible, easy to use, and ideally played as an individual or a group.

First-place winners were DNAwesome - Svetlana Ehlers, Richie Tienter, Ava Winters, and Iris Chambers with Team Captain Nick Privitera (Mark One Electric). They won with their skill game, The Ultimate Blindfolded Fishing Challenge, this game allows friends to compete blindfolded in this tabletop fishing tournament. Using a sense of touch and gut instincts, players try to catch the winning fish before time runs out. The game has multiple difficulty levels, making it suitable for the whole family.

Team DNAwesome

Team Nuts & Bolts placed second at the KSSB event. Ben Webster, Mara Hug, Kate Engle, and Riley Warrick were led by team captains ​​Nich Musselman and Matticus Hunt (Cyderes). Their team won for their idea, which was a simple, captivating maze game using a magnetic controller.

Team Nuts & Bolts

Anderson, IN

Purdue Polytechnic-Anderson hosted the second event of Make48‘s city series. The City of Anderson challenged local students and their captains to create a portable and foldable “Outdoor Furniture” prototype. Teams had to pick a singular concept situation to focus on - tailgating, camping, fishing, or watching local amateur sports games - or a combination of them. Materials should ideally be made of wood or a repurposed material, use the least amount of fasteners as possible, and be able to assemble very quickly. Meet the teams who will represent the Hoosier State!

Not Fast, Just Furious came out on top at the Purdue-Polytechnic Anderson competition. Leyda Garcia-Martinez, Ashley Jeronimo, Jazmine Morgan, and Allison Rios ideated together along with their captains Joshua Dillard and David Perrel. Their portable couch won the judges over with their idea, pitch, and marketing video.

Not Fast, Just Furious

The inventors from another local high school team, Randy’s Rascals was led by Randy England (team captain) with students Sam Barr, Max Barr, Kaden Key, and Kase Clevenger. They placed 2nd with their idea for a chair and game in one!

Randy's Rascals

Beloit, WI

Alliant Energy served as the sponsor challenge in Beloit, Wisconsin. The Lincoln Academy was the host for the challenge, “Panels to Planet/Repower with Purpose”. As solar panels reach their life expectancy there are few options and many are destined for the landfill. Wisconsin teams had to find alternative solutions for the panels. Teams had to consider how to join panels together without disrupting the structure of the panel. Finally, they had to consider their local community and/or underserved community group that would benefit from using the concept in everyday life.

The Purple Knights won first place for their idea that aided farmers in their crop drying time. Ray Watkins, Moises Guerrero Sandoval, Dulce Figueroa, and Brooklyn Watkins collaborated on their modular design for the farming community. Not only does it save time and money, but it’s environmentally friendly.

The Purple Knights

Its Classified teammates, Erik Rozolis, Nathan Wilder, Kelby Schneider, and Katherine Woodard will also represent Beloit at Nationals. Their product was designed with ease of installation in mind and integrated a 2-phased approach to recycling and reusing expired industrial solar panels.

It's Classified

Bentonville, AR

T-Mobile created the final challenge theme at the Bentonville competition, “The Great Outdoors.'' NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) was the final host of the city series. Teams had to create a prototype at the Integrated Design Lab to motivate the greater population to get active and enjoy the outdoors. The physical prototype had to include T-Mobile 5G connectivity via an application.

First place was awarded to The Golden Eagles! John Brown University students, Allyson Brown, James Smith, Colby Richardson and Shanteé Enitencio Quinn built a beautiful prototype that incorporated a Plug-and-Play method that engages and connects the entire family to nature during hiking. Features included interactive play to keep families engaged when connecting with the outdoors and customizable experiences for different ages and needs.

The Golden Eagles

The Delta School team, Andrew Podoll, Cameron Buckley, Haskel Schaffer and John Nielsen created a personalized geographic game that allows participants to get outside and connect through unique challenges. Families and friends can challenge one another on trails while also tracking personal progress.

The Delta School

Season 7 National Competition

“These teams deserve to compete at our Season 7 Nationals competition. Each of them proved they have what it takes to ideate, collaborate with others, come up with amazing new prototypes, and pitch their ideas in front of an audience and judges. They should feel very proud and excited to move on. We look forward to seeing them all again very soon,” said Amy Gray, Host of Make48.

Teams will be joined by our “secret sauce,” the Tool Techs, who will be fabricating the teams’ prototypes using the tools and technologies at the AR Hub. A maker’s dream with numerous 3D printers, woodworking tools, textiles, welding, and any type of fabrication you can think of will be pumping throughout. Make48’s year-round sponsors will be in the mix including Lincoln Electric, ShopBot Tools, Fastenal, Gridlock Table, KREG, Wagner SprayTech, and Epilog Laser.

Who will emerge as the last team standing, win the $10,000 prize, and earn the coveted bragging rights as the champions of Make48 Season 7? Stay tuned to find out! Follow @gomake48 on your content channels and sign up for our newsletter to get behind-the-scenes and exclusive content throughout the year.

Tiny Homes will be the challenge theme at Nationals. Season 7 will take place in North Little Rock, AR. AR Hub, a city series host in 2022, will provide teams with their workshop for the weekend. An 18,000-square-foot creative community makerspace, AR Hub is open to all ages and experiences – artists and engineers alike. AR Hub features textiles, woodworking, and metals studios with sophisticated, expert training and a supportive community to help make prototypes, projects, and dreams come true. Information about this event and Make48 Nationals Season 7 can be found at

Make48 is a nationwide invention-competition docuseries that gives everyday people a challenge to develop a new product at the start of a three-day event. With just 48 hours, teams have to plan, prototype, and pitch a new idea, within the specifications of a challenge. Teams utilize a variety of tools, materials, makerspaces and access to qualified expert “Tool Techs.”They assist teams with the provided fabrication tools to prototype ideas of ranging complexity. No prior invention experience is necessary. The winner is announced at the end of the 48-hour window. Make48 has launched 25+ innovation-based competitions since 2015. For the last 8 years, the series has been a nationally syndicated television program through PBS and has now partnered with ‘This Old House Makers channel on Roku for seasons 6-8.

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