Make48 Partnership With Quantum Coffee Roasters

In 2022, Quantum Coffee will be served at all our events and competitions!

The small batch coffee roasting company from Texas is a perfect partnership to give our makers the juice they need! Quantum is a San Antonio-based coffee startup, who we first met during our Maker Series showcase with April Wilkerson, in Canyon Lake, Texas.

Fidel and Diana Moreno are the owners of Quantum Coffee Roasters, as well as full-time physics and math teachers. Fidel got the idea of brewing after a student asked him if he would be interested in sampling his home-roasted coffee. While the coffee wasn’t his taste, Fidel began learning the science of how to roast his own coffee by the end of the school year. "Just like he did, I started giving away samples of my own roasted coffee, and soon started selling it as the demand grew. We started up Quantum Coffee Roasters out of our kitchen, and with lots of love and attention to detail, we have turned it into a great little coffee roasting business.

Fidel has found that growing a small business came with some trials as well.