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MAKE48 Returns To The Kansas State School For The Blind For June Event

Kansas City, MO (March 9, 2023) - The Kansas State School for the Blind, a state agency dedicated to the education of students who are visually impaired or blind, is hosting Make48 after an extraordinary competition in 2022. Students from KSSB, and the surrounding communities will take part in Make48’s 48-hour collaborative, inventor challenge. Event is set to take place June 9-11th, 2023.

“Make48 inventor competitions embody the spirit of innovation and ingenuity that our country was founded on. Their crew of talented and dedicated craftsmen (and women) guide and inspire the next generation of dreamers and designers. Better yet, this ensemble is creating space at the table for those who have often been left out of “design thinking” ventures: students who are blind or have low vision. The December 2022 Make48 was an unforgettable experience for our students and, for some, life-changing. This type of learning and relationship-building is the future of education, requiring the application of academic (STEM) and interpersonal skills in a friendly competition”, said Jon Harding, Superintendent of KSSB.

Six teams of students from the Midwest will be able to participate in the unique maker competition which helps contestants discover what is possible in just 48 hours. Contestants don’t do the building themselves. Teams are supplied with a group of talented tool experts and a Makerspace with the latest technologies and equipment to help create anything they can think of to solve the challenge. The goal is to showcase that innovation has no barriers, anyone can compete at Make48, you just have to have a great idea!

“After the success of our first event, everyone involved could now see the power of exposing and showcasing this beautiful community to the public,” Tom Gray (Make48 CEO) explained. “The teams were gracious, very passionate and showed their design and collaboration skills are no different than any other competition we have held. The leadership and team at KSSB are true visionaries to find ways to get students involved in the community, and we are proud to have played a small role in that vision.”

KSSB is home to quality programs that help to enrich the lives of students and reaches all corners of the state of Kansas. Innovation can be found among the campus and at the KSSB Makerspace. Led by makerspace director, Lydia Knopp, the accessible learning space is equipped with 3D printers, hand tools, embroidery machines/crafting supplies, heat press and includes a Mobile STEM Unit. The KSSB Mobile STEM Unit delivers quality, hands-on, and interactive activities for classrooms in which includes students who are blind or visually impaired. The Mobile STEM Unit also allows ALL students in Kansas communities to explore, analyze, engage in trial and error investigations, and experience the joy of discovery.

Details about the event can be found at

The winning KSSB team will win $2k and advance to compete at the national competition, slated for November 2023 where one team can win $10k. Watch what happened at KSSB’s 2022 event HERE!


About Make48

Make48 is a nationwide invention-competition docuseries that gives teams a challenge at the start of a two-day event. With just 48 hours, teams must create a prototype, promotional video and sales sheet, and present their idea to a panel of judges. The teams have access to a makerspace and numerous Tool Techs that can make almost anything, patent attorneys, marketing experts, and more. This format allows everyone to have a level playing field and the chance to win, with no prior technical knowledge necessary.

Kansas State School for the Blind is a fully accredited public high school located in Kansas City, Kansas, U.S., serving students in grades Pre-K through 12. The school was established in 1867. It is located on 10 acres located in downtown Kansas City, Kansas. Kansas State School for the Blind is a State Agency dedicated to the education of students who are visually impaired or blind. KSSB has some of the most talented and creative teachers to be found anywhere. Most are licensed specialists in Blindness and Visual Impairments and many have additional specializations such as math or science or areas of disability (i.e., Deaf-Blind or Learning Disabilities). All staff members function as a part of a multidisciplinary team which guides the education of each student. Among these team members are Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments, Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists, Rehabilitation Teachers, Social Workers, a Music Therapist, Nurses, a Dietary Specialist, Occupational and Physical Therapists, a School Psychologist, a Low Vision Optometrist, an Activity Therapist, Braille Transcribers, and a Speech Therapist.

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