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Meet Courtney | Make48 Team Member

Get to know the latest Make48 team member! We’d like you to say hi to our most recent hire, Courtney Bigler. Courtney is new to the world of making but she had a fast introduction at our first city series event in Wichita, and nailed it! The Kansas City native is looking forward to the next event in Madison, WI. Make sure you say hi!

What is your role at Make48?

Community Engagement and Social Media Influencers

How did you get involved with the company

My college roommate, Jasmine, is the co-owner of Stellar Image Studios. Jasmine introduced me to Tom after SIS captured video for them at an event.

Name a few things about your background/what you enjoy?

I am a middle child (by 45 seconds), engaged and a proud owner of the cutest mini schnauzer in the world, Kevin. I love all things spicy (especially Thai food), and true crime podcasts.

What past job experiences have you had?

I was a foster care case manager for almost 3 years in Omaha, NE before moving to Kansas City, MO and getting a job at a specialty pharmacy where I helped patients find local resources. I also dabbled in the billing department there too before coming to Make48.

In your short time here, can you tell me what's your favorite part about your Make48 role?

I am a social butterfly so getting to meet so many new people has been a blast.

What have you learned from working with this organization?

I have learned that the maker community is like a little loving family. Everyone wants to see everyone succeed. Watching complete strangers helping each other simply because they both care about the work they are doing is really neat.

What’s something you’ve made that you’re proud of, the craziest thing or something you won’t ever forget.

I love making things! One of my favorite things I have made was a tv stand with my dad. I drew up what I wanted it to look like and then he helped me build it. I think it is my favorite because we did it together.

If you weren’t working for Make48, what do you think you’d be doing?

I would work at a local criminal justice non-profit or be a full time foster parent.

What inspires you?

Other people's passion! I get so excited listening to and watching people do what they truly love, seeing their eyes light up. Also, being the best role model (and favorite aunt) to my nieces and nephew.

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