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Meet The 6 Teams Representing The Kansas State School For The Blind!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

On June 9th, Make48 and the Kansas School for the Blind will launch the second regional competition in Kansas City, Kansas! Six teams will work with companies and organizations to create a solution for the challenge, to be given at the start of the competition.

With a crew of tool techs and mentors, teams will also have a helping hand from students who competed last year! Addie, Iris, Riley, and Callie will return to Make48 with Kinnick Woolley and Chelsea Tunget (first timers!) who will be there for support and will act as alternates for the teams.

One important aspect of the KSSB competition are the team captains. Team Captains will lead and help the kids maneuver through the innovation steps to create a prototype in just 2 days. These captains will come from companies and organizations who are truly passionate about bringing accessibility and inclusivity to STEM education and careers. A few of these companies include MTI Events, Belle Plaines School District, Cyderes, The DeBruce Foundation, Wet & Forget and The Blind Spot.

Now meet the KSSB teams!

The Three Rocketeers

Lupita Tomas-Matias, Darby Reimer and Mary Flowers

Nuts and Bolts

Ben Webster, Mara Hug and Kate Engle

Fusion Force

Jace Lyden, Viviana Petelin and Ethan Benjamin


Svetlana Ehlers, Richie Tienter and Ava Winters

The Innovators

Sydney Parcell, Nehemiah Perez and Gauge Nelson

The Machine Heads

Jaxon Wood, Ty Pennington and Mykah Pedersen

Make48 Alternates & Support

Chelsea Tunget, Kinnick Woolley and Riley Warrick (top row) Addie Bartels, Iris Chambers, Callie Dyches and Addie Bartels (bottom row) will be onsite to help the teams.

There are still a couple spots available for Team Captains and additional sponsorships. To learn more about these opportunities, reach out to David Marshall at

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