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P&L smithed | May For Makers

Updated: May 3, 2023

Meet the couple who are sharing their creative journey together and have been bringing their unique flair to the Maker community.

Priscilla and Luke were first time Tool Techs at Nationals in March. Makers for years, together they have backgrounds in fabrication including CNC, 3d modeling, and metal & sculptural blacksmithing. Priscillia also has a background in art and textiles from her years of teaching K-12 Art and ESL.

Luke & Priscilla at Nationals 2023

Not only are they content creators, but their day-time jobs also keep them busy. Luke is a civil engineer and Priscilla is a new full time work at-home-mom. The two met in high school in upstate New York, and got married in 2019. In 2020, their business, P&L smithed, got off the ground and they continue to find ways to give back to the community they love. “We’ve been blessed with the opportunities to grow and learn. In return, we’ve designed a place where creative people can connect and grow together in a positive, online environment called @andtheymake and May is for Makers."

May for Makers is an annual challenge for Artists & Makers!

The online, month-long challenge is where you can connect, grow, and learn with other makers and artists. Priscilla and Luke put together 31 prompts to get creatives inspired and motivated. This year they’ve teamed with several brands to provide daily giveaways of tools, gear, materials and other products to enhance your craft!

About the Challenge:

The online challenge has brought the community together in several ways. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover other artists & creatives from all over the world. And who doesn’t love a giveaway?! A few giveaways in May will be sponsored by TotatBoat, ISO Tunes, Harris Products, AmeriBrade, Catskill Mountain Maker Camp, Lincoln Electric, WORKBENCHcon, and many others. Stay tuned for more details and visit P&L smithed, to learn more about May for Makers.

In efforts to keep the spirit of May for Makers alive year round, they came up with And They Make in 2021. And They Make is an online community that showcases just about every form of making. Priscilla and Luke curated the page to help discover makers & artists and find maker-related events to attend. Users can also learn how to make & create things by watching highlights and Instagram TV series. @Andtheymake is created by makers, for makers, to share and connect in one centralized location.

The one-stop shop embraces the Maker community, gives inspiration and positive encouragement, and reminds you to keep doing what you love! It’s also a great resource where you can easily find information about different maker-related events to attend all across the world. “It’s free for anyone interested in learning more about the arts,” Priscilla added. Makers can apply to be featured by filling out this short submission form.

Make48 will have a couple of items on the May For Makers site including; a t-shirt, hat and 2 tickets to the Season 7 Nationals! To sign-up for Make48's giveaway visit

We hope you check out how Priscilla and Luke Smith are celebrating the ingenuity and creativity of Makers across the globe. Follow their journey on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter or their website at

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