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Make48 Is Partnering With Popular Mechanics

Make48 and WorkbenchCON’s YouTube Maker Series will have an amazing partner with the signing of an exclusive partnership with Popular Mechanics. They will feature each of the Maker Series events in their magazine in the next three issues. With a reach of over 4 million, many tech enthusiasts will get a chance to watch the series.

We’re delighted to be in this partnership with Popular Mechanics. "Make48 is creating very real and educational content and with Popular Mechanic's outstanding reach to a quality audience, we see this as a win-win for all involved," CEO and series creator Tom Gray says, “and having leading Makers like Izzy, April and Jimmy makes the series extra special". The YouTube Maker Series brings together and challenges a YouTube Maker to build a project for a nonprofit or charitable organization. The maker is assisted by a small team to help them finish the project in 48 hours.

The May/June issue will feature the first project for Autism Speaks in collaboration with WORKBENCHcon. Filmed in Greenville, South Carolina, the build took place with Izzy Swan at his workshop, the Maker’s Playground with fellow makers Meghan Baker and Bobby Duke.

Future issues will feature the builds in Canyon Lake with April Wilkerson and Brandy Aubé to create a tribute piece for The River Kelly Fund. Followed by the Kansas City project featuring Jimmy DiResta for Operation Breakthrough's new makerspace. The new makerspace is supported by Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce and his foundation 87 & Running.

Popular Mechanics is an inspiring and influential magazine with the latest in gadgets, home improvement tips, technology and DIY projects. Owned by Hearst Communications, the popular science and technology magazine has been around for over 100 years. First issued in 1902, Popular Mechanics has brought some of the best stories to anyone who is curious about how the world works.

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