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Recognizing Make48's 2022 Sponsors Of The Greater Madison Event

The Madison challenge is just around the corner and we have to thank our amazing sponsors for our upcoming event at the FabLab Stoughton.

TREK Bicycle will be the Challenge Sponsor of our Greater Madison event. Last year their team won first place at Madison-Make48 ‘21, and went on to compete at Nationals this past spring. TREK has a reputation for the quality of bikes they offer, as well as great customer service. They are often considered one of the world’s best bicycle companies by enthusiasts.

We’re anticipating some great ideas from the teams who will focus on designing products that will help get more people on bikes. TREK has chosen the challenge theme of “Sustainable Mobility.” Named one of Time’s 100 Best Sustainable Companies, they’re committed to removing single use plastic and other waste from their products and packaging. In an effort to do their part, Trek has joined the Responsible Packaging Movement  spearheaded by clothing brand, prAna to join other like minded companies on a quest to reduce the massive amounts of plastic waste polluting our oceans. Visit The Trek Blog for details.

Healthy Air is essential to living a healthy lifestyle and AprilAire is committed to providing industry-leading solutions covering all aspects of Indoor Air Quality. AprilAire has been committed to creating a healthy home environment with durability, innovation, and energy conservation in mind for decades. AprilAire built the first whole-home humidifier in 1954, and has continued to pursue excellence in creating Healthy Air products for homeowners across the country.

Building strong communities is at the heart of Alliant Energy. Alliant is providing regulated electric and natural gas service to about 950,000 electric and 410,000 natural gas customers in Iowa and Wisconsin. They are careful stewards of the environment and support the communities they do business in. Headquartered in Madison, WI, Alliant aggressively pursues emerging technologies and safe, sustainable methods of energy production.

Alliant was named to Newsweek’s 2021 list of America’s Most Responsible Companies (second year in a row). Ranked as a top 30 company overall in the social category, Alliant Energy was recognized for its strong devotion to good causes and support of diversity in its workforce. The high ranking is indicative of the company’s commitment in several categories including increasing the number of women and minority employees while also advancing their transition to generating clean energy. []

Attorney's Eric and Brad from Boyle Fredrickson at Milwaukee-Make48 event

We welcome Boyle Fredrickson back to Make48. Last month Wisconsin's largest IP law firm helped the crew in Milwaukee. Next week, they’ll be at FabLab Stoughton to help the teams research patents and prior art for their ideas.

Established in 1999, Boyle Fredrickson has grown to become Wisconsin’s largest intellectual property law firm. Hundreds of businesses and institutions in Wisconsin and across the United States turn to Boyle Fredrickson for their IP needs. With more than 20 IP attorneys, Boyle Fredrickson is dedicated to serving their clients in all facets of IP law, including patent, trademark, copyright, and unfair competition law, as well as all related licensing and litigation. They take pride in being able to handle everything from traditional to cutting-edge technologies.

Collectively, Boyle Fredrickson attorneys have decades of experience in the mechanical, chemical, life sciences, and electrical disciplines, as well as in computer science and software. The team is excited to have them back!

Lumafield is here to make it possible for humanity to solve our hardest problems as quickly as possible. Lumafield is a new startup based in Cambridge, Mass., that has developed the world's first accessible X-Ray CT scanner for engineers. Lumafield’s easy-to-use scanner and cloud-based software give engineers the ability to see their work clearly, inside and out, at an extremely affordable price. TREK Bicycle uses Lumafield in their production to help understand their bikes better [Forbes April 13, 2022].

Founded in 2019, their team includes world-class researchers and industrial designers, PhDs, founders of successful startups, and zero egos. Engineers make million-dollar decisions every day, and they need tools that give them the greatest possible insight into their products. By offering unprecedented visibility into products, as well as AI-driven tools that highlight problems and generate quantitative data, Lumafield promises to revolutionize the way complex products are created, manufactured, and used across industries. Learn more and explore interactive demos at

Stoughton Trailers pays attention to the little things that makes their trailers the best on the road. With decades of experience and knowledge, customers know they’re getting a dependable, long-lasting trailer with the Stoughton Trailers advantage.

Stoughton Trailers started as a small family-owned business in 1961 and is now one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of conventional and intermodal transportation equipment including semi trailers. Located in Stoughton, Wisconsin, they have 9 different facilities in the South Central Wisconsin cities of Stoughton, Evansville and Brodhead combining for over 1.3 million square feet of manufacturing space under roof.

Their facilities have incorporated vertical integration wherever possible to enhance the entire manufacturing operation, providing them with the opportunity to optimize their quality assurance procedures and improve component inventory control. Extra attention to detail results in the most dependable, durable, and productive semi truck trailers on the road.

In Wisconsin. you’re free to think bigger, encouraged to make your mark, and poised for great things to happen. Strengthening and sharing what it means to live and work in Wisconsin is at the heart of The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

WEDC invests in their communities to help both people and businesses grow, develop and contribute to the state’s economic vitality. WEDC’s comprehensive community development programs and funding initiatives empower local officials to develop sustainable economic development strategies that increase prosperity while redevelopment programs provide financial assistance for activities that revitalize commercial districts. By providing community and business leaders access to this knowledge and support, they’ve helped them create stronger community cornerstones and build vibrant economic epicenters throughout Wisconsin.

PBS Wisconsin tells the story of their state in the voice of its residents. Through their programs and educational and community initiatives, PBS Wiscsonsin shares the history, culture, and news that makes Wisconsin unique.

Aligning with the PBS mission, to boldly enrich, educate and entertain diverse audiences of children and adults through the innovative use of television production and broadcasting, other communication technologies and community engagement. PBS Wisconsin provides access to local and national content, extending its reach and impact in the communities served.

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