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Remake Learning 2023 Recap

The heat was on at Remake Learning Days KC! STEM IS FUN is the theme for the third annual festival taking place around Kansas City.

Remake Learning Days 2023

Make48 worked with Kid Spark Education to help bring STEM learning to Remake. Saturday was a hot, summer day, but that didn’t stop groups of students from coming out for the all fun activities. We had a record number of families who got to see what Kid Spark and Remake Learning Days is all about.

If you haven’t heard of Remake Learning Days Across America, RLDAA is an innovative learning festival for families and kids around the country. First launched in 2016 in Pennsylvania, RLDAA has since hosted 1,200+ learning events for 150,000 families in the region! In 2019, Remake Learning Days started its spread across America, taking root in over 17 regions across the country.

Bringing people, community and projects together to give each and every child a chance to experience the future of learning is at the mission of Remake Learning Days. During the festival, schools, museums, STEAM labs, community centers, libraries and more host family-friendly learning events. These events are all free or low-cost, so kids and caregivers can experience learning together. The festival also helps parents be more engaged with their child’s learning and be better advocates for their education, understanding their crucial role in learning.

Back at the KC STEM Alliance, organizations set up for the day. From marble racing to drones, there was something for everyone. Back at the Make48 station, the Kid Spark Education Catapults were a huge success!

Families had a great time trying to hit the targets and learning how they work. Kids also got to use a couple of their Agilities! After stopping by our table, kids received their Operating Objects or Judging & Estimating Agility stamp on their passports. A big thank you to Ryan Neden from Kid Spark for putting the kits together and shipping them out in time for the weekend.

There are still a variety of activities located all over the city this weekend until May 15th. Find an event near you!

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